Birthday cake for children – 110 inspiring ideas –

Birthday cake for children – 110 inspiring ideas

boy girl birthday cake idea

Recently, we showed you how to organize a birthday party for children. Today we focus on the pillar of a birthday party, the crucial element that all children waiting impatiently the birthday cake !

We have compiled the best of the best to offer you 100 truly original cake ideas that we hope will inspire you to surprise your children.

Cake truly original birthday, with the theme "Me Despicable"

Photos birthday cake child deco idea

Our examples range from cakes for girls or boys so everything is there: princess castle, butterfly knots, the boats of pirates, football ... Many of our examples also draw cartoons like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Frozen Despicable Me or films with favorite heroes of children - Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Tinkerbell, etc.

Cakes for children inspired by cartoons like Winnie the Pooh and Toy Story

children birthday cake decoration

The birthday cake can also be decorated in various themes such as The Jungle Book or Noah's Ark, the key is to do a wink to the tastes of your children and bring them on a cake. Just look, greedy, beware ...

These beautiful cakes are iced soft colors and a butterfly

baby girl birthday cake

Cake really impressive floors and overflowing with color

children birthday cake recipe

Cake decoration idea for children

beautiful cake theme Despicable Me

Birthday Cake for child

soft colors bowtie

Children cakes Idea

toy story inspired cartoons

Birthday cake for boy or girl

cake colored floors

soft colors in children's Cakes

floors cakes hello kitty

Cakes shaped pink princess castle

Castle princess ice cones

Cakes for Boys, inspired by football or animals

inspiration footbal animal gaçons

idea for an original cake with stars for Tinkerbell or bugs bunny

Deco idea Tinkerbell bugs bunny

Giant shaped birthday cake cupcakes cute

original giant cupcake

The layer cakes are so impressive

beautiful cakes storey

Cake inspired by Toy Story or the circus

toy story inspires cake deco

Cakes stunning in a pink castle

pink princess castle

Birthday cake decorated with a beautiful giraffe

decorated birthday cake giraffe

Deco stunning cake floors

inspired bowling princess

cake storey cupcakes

really lovely birthday cake

cakes first year

snowman on pie

cake delicate decoration

cakes storey marine theme

pink cake for little princess

cakes adorned with cartoon animals

princess castle cake topped

cakes Smurf theme Jungle Book

Deco sublime cakes

cakes for children themed animals

layer cakes Little Mermaid

fantastic cakes marine theme and clown

cake for baby adorable teddy

Mario Jungle Book and inspired deco cake

alien angry birds decorate the cakes

Birthday cakes rich in detail

delicate cake happy birthday

beautiful beach-style waves shells cake

adorable layer cakes

original marine theme cake

creative cake style trunk'arbre

cake inspired by the beauty and the beast

Princess castle cake

birthday cake monsters vs aliens

beautiful cake whale boat marine theme

layer cake inspired animated sponge bob drawing

really delicate cake with snowman

fairy cake bell perfect for little girl

birthday cake long deco braid

storey cake decorated with small lovely teddy

layer cake topped carriage princess

beautiful cake inspired noah's ark

adorable baby panda cake small flowers

two-layer cake ladybirds

beautiful cake maritime theme inspired by némo

Ultra original Batman cake for boy

birthday cake inspired by cartoon frozen

chic and elegant cake

three-tiered cake theme superman

lovely cake pirate boat sirens

cake style halloween horror movie hairless mice beautiful cake minie mouse surrounded adorable cupcakes

cake idea for little girl

Deco superb pirate cake for boy

mini cute single cake and bananas

pink and green original cake

multicolored rainbow cake filled smarties

beautiful birthday cake theme némo

birthday cake little princesses

original cakes theme jungle animals

surprise birthday cake

cakes boys Batman inspiration

cake'anniversaire pour enfant idée animaux fille garçon éléphant cochon

birthday cake girl green pink ribbon

child birthday cake funny original minnie mouse mickey mouse

cake child birthday idea finding fish némo girl boy

child boy girl cake idea birthday cake deco blue cartoon characters amelia birthday cake cake snowman

owl bird pink birthday cake

princess birthday cake idea pink yellow blue pink girl

whale boat boy birthday cake

original cake candles tree idea

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