DIY Deco driftwood: 24 projects to try this summer –

DIY Deco driftwood: 24 projects to try this summer

DIY Deco driftwood DIY bathroom mirror

Do you love DIY projects and crafts with wood? This summer, collect pieces of driftwood during your walks along the sea to make one of our project DIY Deco driftwood!

Driftwood is a type of wood that has been exposed to wind and salt water from the sea or ocean. From a very pretty appearance, this type of wood is often used for creating artistic objects like sculptures or other types of decorations. You too can realize such projects, like those in our gallery:

DIY Deco driftwood: make a plant pot for a natural decor of your home!

diy deco driftwood plant pot idea

Our first project is very simple to perform. It would suffice you to spot a piece of driftwood large as, for example, a tree trunk, and use the holes made by the water to install a plant pot. The result reminds us of the natural scenery along the sea or ocean.

DIY Idea easy wood decor: a wall panel wood trunks

DIY Deco driftwood house entrance wall

This idea of ​​DIY is easy to achieve if you found pieces of driftwood large and sufficient. Hang your lucky finds on one of the walls of your home and create an artistic composition in a short time without spending much money!

Project DIY Deco driftwood to lounge with seaside atmosphere

DIY Deco driftwood waterfront home

Another simple and elegant way to decorate your home with trunks driftwood is to place them in flower pots filled with white pebbles.

centerpiece idea to do it yourself for this summer: wooden trunk floated and succulents

timber fleet centerpiece ideas

This wooden accessory floated is a variation of our first DIY idea. It functions as a centerpiece decorated for the summer season.

Perform these door - table napkins with small pieces of driftwood!

deco idea wood table fleet

Speaking of table decoration, also note that the cuts could become driftwood table -towels door very successful.

driftwood lamp: revamp an old light fixture that you have at home using twigs recovered

crafts wood floats lamp

To make a driftwood lamp, you can either serve you an old lamp or buy a lampshade and a cable and use pieces of wood to make lamp bases.

Small table lamp pieces of driftwood

Project bedside lamp timber fleet

This manual activity project is similar to the above, with the difference that we can use even very small wooden debris.

DIY Deco driftwood: make a rough aspect mirror frame

make a wooden mirror frame fleet

Or painted in a color of your choice

DIY Deco driftwood painted mirror frame

Large wooden planks that you have retrieved the sea as you used for the manufacture of a mirror frame, to leave as is for a rustic decor or cover with a layer of lacquer for a contemporary style interior .

Manual activity for the summer: make an object wooden wall decoration driftwood

wood fleet decoration marine wall

Wooden accessories floated are a mandatory element for decoration seaside style.

The wall suspensions driftwood are pretty and very simple to manufacture

wood floats ideas deco suspension

These suspensions wall adorned with white flowers naturally complement a marine design piece. Ecological and cheap, they are made using pieces of driftwood and a can of rope!

Table wooden deco floated to customize the feel of your kitchen

DIY Deco driftwood panel to oneself

DIY Deco driftwood is also painting on wood surface! Once dry, this board would become a beautiful mural, hanging in a kitchen or in a salon.

Prepare for end of year celebrations with a wooden tree floated *

driftwood decorations christmas tree

You have small pieces of wood and you wonder how to use them? Make a mini Christmas tree to exhibit on a table on the occasion of the holiday season!

DIY Deco driftwood: how to achieve a natural candlestick

idea candle manufacturing wood floats

Deco Recycling and cheap: candlestick fragments of driftwood

fleet wood candlestick craft activity projects

The candlesticks do yourself is another project in which you can use your stock of small pieces of driftwood. Glue all the pieces of wood you've collected and place them around a base in which you will place your candle!

easy DIY: a small door-furniture plant in wooden trunk floated

timber fleet decoration objects to make oneself

The branches of wood that is seen on the surface of the sea or ocean are a very versatile material that lends itself to several projects DIY Deco driftwood.

Easy manual activity: decorate his house with driftwood and green plants

Wall decoration ideas wooden fleet

Detail of wall decoration with pieces of driftwood

ideas timber fleet decoration diy

In the images above, such a branch is a small door-furniture plant which was placed on a white wall.

DIY Deco driftwood female style wall jewelry holder

deco wooden jewelry storage

And there, a similar branch was customized with a few bursts of feminine colors for facing a wall jewelry holder. An ideal decorative object for a bedroom or dressing girl!

How revamp kitchen with a piece of driftwood

DIY Deco driftwood Kitchen Layouts

And in the kitchen, even crude wooden object transforms into a hanging cabinet. We will make a clever storage to dry fresh herbs or stoves to keep his always handy.

Wooden suspension floated: Original storage idea for the kitchen

DIY storage ideas wood floats

Or a makeshift shelf for cups of coffee!

DIY project and DIY Deco driftwood: create a village by the sea

DIY DIY Deco driftwood summer activity

So which of these projects DIY Deco driftwood you will try this year?

wooden decorative items floated to the outside: lamppost and garden furniture for tables

timber fleet DIY house for decoration

Idea deco and photos by Stylish Revamp

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