Blue and Gray Room: decorative ideas in neutral and cool tones –

Blue and Gray Room: decorative ideas in neutral and cool tones

blue and gray bedroom design accessories canopy bed decoration shabby chic furniture

Gray is a neutral color very fashionable for the development of different interior spaces, such as the bathroom, adult or baby room and the living room.

But many people dread the use of shades of that color as deemed too serious or, in the best cases, a little impersonal.

blue and gray for a contemporary room relaxation area full of personality!

blue and gray bedroom bed adult gray deco mural wall upholstery

And in fact, alone, gray may seem somewhat mundane. So how enjoy the latest trends in decoration colors while creating a rest area where the atmosphere matches the personality of those who use it? Experienced designers have the answer to this question by combining neutral colors to a different color! This article on the blue and gray bedroom reveals their advice on the matter!

Combine colors in a blue and gray bedroom: ideas for wall painting and trendy accessories *

idea gray blue white room decoration head padded blue paint bed

How to combine the blue and gray in decorating a bedroom for adults? One way to proceed would be to use one of these colors for the mural of the room and the other - for furniture and accessories that are there. Let's see some examples of this approach in pictures!

Example room with gray paint and blue textile

color painting blue and gray tapestry room deco white contemporary furniture

The light gray paint is ideal for a relaxing deco adult room contemporary style. Combine it with a mat in the same shades and pale blue accessories, such as textiles for bed, cushions, upholstery for your furniture ...

Gray Room and blue with white accents on the walls

paint color idea light blue master bedroom contemporary design accessories

For a relaxing decor adult contemporary room or suite, bet on a palette of blue, gray and white. Cover the walls of the room a pale gray paint, leaving decorative elements (moldings, beams, wall niches ...) in shades of white. Finally, add a few touches of light blue on your bed linen!

Associate blue and gray with an accent wall in the bedroom!

cool color palette gray blue room white paint color matching

And if you want to arrange an interior painted in two colors, try decorating with accent wall!

Use fabric headboard to match the colors in the room

Photo bedroom decoration shabby chic canopy bed deco palette of blue and gray

The fabric headboard is a decorative accessory that attracts attention and to be enjoyed to complete the color palette of the bedroom!

padded headboard gray and blue B color paint

Blue Room and gray headboard capitonne gray paint idea Accessories

The designers of this space have applied this technique, choosing a headboard upholstered in light blue that beautifully marries the color of bed linen and that of the contemporary armchair placed next. The brand is associated with a mural in shades of dark blue and gray curtains.

paint color blue and gray bedroom contemporary style

blue room and light gray light blue wall decoration pearl gray

The same technique can be applied to a room painted in light gray, as shown in part on the picture above. To facilitate the transition between the neutral colors and cool tones, its designers opted for a chair dressed in plush dark blue.

Textiles and small gray blue room furniture

gray room and clear nightstand vntage blue gray blue wall paint

The opposite approach is also possible: a room with wall decorations and gray tones accessories can very well accommodate furniture painted blue.

Gray Room, white, blue with light colored furniture

model gray and blue room white bed head capitonne blue fabric bed combination of cool colors

Above, an illustration that shows how to succeed in this type of decor with a wall and a gray headboard and a floor mat and comfortable in shades of light blue.

gray and white furniture blue and white room

deco blue and gray paint gray room furniture accessories model Layouts

Play with the colors of furniture and painting her room is a great way to make a custom interior.

Accessories gray room, bland and blue feminine atmosphere

Layouts idea blue room blue and gray linen white small gray furniture bed

If this idea tempts you, be sure to choose a bed linen suits paint your furniture!

Adopt the seaside style decor for a contemporary blue and gray bedroom

picture blue and gray room decoration style seaside Layouts adult room

Blue and gray shades are typical for the decoration of seaside style. So why not choose this theme for the layout of your bedroom?

Building on a romantic room decoration in white, blue, gray and purple

gray and blue bed room model modern wallpaper decoration adult provencal

Of course, the seaside style is not the only possible theme for a blue and gray room. Pale shades of these colors would suit perfectly romantic style interior.

What accessories for a room blue, white and gray romantic style?

white blue and gray bedroom idea blue paint pale pink accessory

If you dream of a romantic bedroom, vintage or shabby chic, simply add to the color palette few touches of white and pastel pink!

Create a modern, contemporary room with blue paint and gray accents

blue and gray bedroom idea of ​​decoration mural linen bed adult

For those who prefer an urban chic and modern atmosphere, the dark shades of blue and gray room provide ideal back plan to combine with wooden furniture and industrial accessories!

blue textile, gray and yellow bedroom

idee paint gray adult bedroom and blue decoration texitles bed yellow key idea suite

Experiment with the paint color, furniture and textiles is far from the only way to give more character to your bedroom.

contemporary wallpaper to white room, blue and gray

wallpapers adult blue and gray bedroom wall decoration shabby chic furniture

In fact, in addition to all the options already discussed, there is also that of an original wall decor with modern wallpaper in shades of blue and gray!

gray and white wallpaper for room in neutral and cool tones

wallpaper gray design has room furniture bedroom bed adult contemporary
Blue is one of the most popular colors for the development of a baby's room, we decided to take this issue to provide some decoration suggestions of such a space with touches of cold and neutral tones.

Combine colors in a room baby blue and gray

baby blue and gray room Photo boy babies room wall wood siding

Here are some pictures to the attention of prospective parents! They show us how to use the blue and gray for decorating a baby room girl in pastel shades and boy - more bright colors and darker:

Sample baby blue and gray pastel room for girl

baby blue chamber and gray deco idea daughter bedroom pastel color palette

blue and gray room boy with white accents

paint room baby blue and gray white color scheme room boy deco idea

Colors tend to baby boy room

baby gray white blue room white and gray furniture fabric baby blue boy

* Photo and design by Tim Cuppett Architects

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