Christmas stickers and window decoration ideas for the holidays –

Christmas stickers and window decoration ideas for the holidays

Christmas stickers such modern deco window

In winter, the day becomes shorter and longer evenings, which pushed humanity to invent creative ways to beautify living spaces, will create a brighter and more welcoming.

Throughout this season, decoration of windows and glass marks one of the dividing lines between the cold and the darkness outside and the cozy interiors of our homes.

Festive Window decorations with white stickers Christmas stickers

christmas idea stickers deco easy window

And since we tend to look at the period of the winter due to Christmas and New Year, ornaments naturally resume many of the typical themes for these celebrations. Christmas Stickers, Christmas lights, wreaths, snowmen, candles and decorative balls, these are the elements found most often on winter window.

Christmas stickers in the shape of snowflakes and decorative balls for windows

idea stickers Christmas decoration glass balls

There are not very long, Christmas stickers were made using plain white paper that was cut into the desired shape, and then glued to the windows with tape or glue. The advantage of this Christmas decorating method was that we could manufacture its own original ornaments.

glass decor idea with Christmas sticker shaped garland

idea stickers christmas deco white glass

Beautiful Christmas glass decorative stickers with inspired by the shape of snowflakes

christmas stickers window decoration snow flakes gel

The disadvantage that touched the paper, which is not a very durable material, is distorted pretty quickly and, suddenly, the ornaments that were made could fall under the condensation effect resulting from the difference in temperature inside and outside.

Deco Vintage Christmas with black stickers for windows

stickers christmas window decoration window sticker vintage

With the arrival of decorative stickers, from the mid-20th century, the holiday decorations for the windows and the glass has become easier but also more uniform.

Christmas balls, gifts and deer represented on stickers for window

stickers Christmas balls hanging decoration window

Certainly, Christmas stickers ready to use were much simpler to put on a glass and the surface was more resistant than the paper but the choice of patterns ready was quite limited.

door decoration with glass area with Christmas stickers

Christmas stickers glass door entrance deco house party idea

This is what prompted many creative people to buy sheets of sticker paper to cut themselves personalized Christmas stickers to put on their windows.

Suggestion for its own stickers Christmas window deco festive atmosphere

stickers Christmas deco white doves window idea

Customize its decor windows for the holidays is even easier and more fun today, when almost everyone has access to a printer and that everyone is free to print its own decorative patterns on sticker paper at home or in stationery opposite.

Stickers Christmas window decoration shade of blue

Christmas decoration window stickers blue snowflakes

This approach also allows us to play with colors and choose the best shades depending on the landscape outside.

How to decorate windows for Christmas with a film imitating the appearance of a surface covered with frost

decoration window glass Christmas movie effect gel

Other similar possibility adorning its windows of a window film. This solution certainly seduce those who love the effect picturesque creations of nature in winter and who want to imitate the effect of frost on the windows.

Adorning its windows for Christmas with shaped stickers in red letters

deco Christmas window stickers lanterns red letters

Painting on glass is a technique that will allow you to achieve an effect very similar to that produced by Christmas stickers. It is also one of the least laborious methods to try to make really unique ornaments for windows.

Christmas window decoration example with white paint

Christmas window decoration example white pen

In addition snowflakes drawings, symbols of Christ's birth as white doves and fir trees, you can use this technique to write interesting messages: the lyrics of your favorite Christmas songs, prayers for the Party …

Stickers placed on a window to the end of year festivities

window stickers deco noel white model

But Christmas stickers and painting are far from the only ways to beautify the windows during the year-end period.

Home decorating windows for year-end holidays with green crown

diy deco glass Christmas garland crowned

Indeed, crowns and garlands are used everywhere in his house during this period are also an excellent choice for a successful Christmas window decoration.

Christmas Wreath paper of red and white color for kitchen decoration

idea decoration christmas crown glass to

Sure, you can buy artificial wreaths ready to be placed on your windows.

Corner meal with windows with natural wreaths for Christmas

window decoration model make green Christmas wreaths

Another option would be to make your own original crowns by using a round support (wood, metal or plastic), some ribbons, some rope and branches of a type of foliage plant persistent.

Idea to make a Christmas window decoration itself, natural wreaths and red tinsel

diy deco glass christmas green branch crown

The window decorations with Christmas wreath is sometimes supplemented by one or two strings of shades that match those on the crowns.

Garlands for original windows and window decoration with small figurines and Christmas balls

Christmas decoration idea Modern window

Other people prefer to use only garlands, hanging them close to their windows to complete the festive atmosphere in their homes. The picture above shows two strings of this kind: one is made of small figurines fun, the other Christmas balls in the typical shades of the party.

Photo of light string with star figures for window decorations and party inside

Festoon Interior decoration window christmas

The Christmas lights are often used for a Christmas window decoration of this sort, primarily because they give our windows a very welcoming appearance and a very pretty after dark.

Idea manual activity to decorate their windows in winter: make a paper wreath

wreath deco christmas glass do it yourself paper

It is also possible to carry out its own Christmas window decoration garlands. Pictured above, an example of a simple wreath to achieve with the technique of origami art.

Idea of ​​Christmas crafts and window ornaments for the New Year celebrations

Christmas decoration blue glass balls suspended

And in this picture, another suggestion decorative garland for windows and windows to make your own Christmas.

Christmas decoration for windows with garland balls and transparent son

Christmas wreath decoration kitchen window idea blue balls
This pretty quick DIY project requires only Christmas balls of color that harmonizes with the rest of your ornaments and a little transparent rope.

Creative Project for Christmas: Make suspensions balls and hearts adorn windows

Christmas wreath decoration window suspension balls
If you like this creative project, you can get started in creating a more complex design that includes not only Christmas balls ornaments but also homemade.

Garland with Christmas decorations to adorn oneself to its windows in an original way

deco window christmas window suspensions sugary treats
This is an illustration of this idea: there used Christmas delicacies in red and white that hung a garland hanging above the window with ribbons.

Scandinavian design Interior and Christmas decoration for glass with wooden branch and small ornaments in black and white

Christmas decoration glass house Scandinavian design

But small decorative accessories do not always need to be hung on the window. You can also decorate a small tree or a branch of wood, put close to your windows.

Illuminating candles windows to complete her home decor at Christmas

decorate its Christmas window candles creative activity
Candles are a nice alternative to Christmas lights. Installed near the window, they will brighten your home and you bring a soft, natural glow.

Idea to make personalized candle holders for its Christmas window decoration with candles

deco noel a candlestick window make yourself

To have these candles and give a final touch to the Christmas decoration, we will independently supported with typical accessories of the season: green and red objects, pinecones, mini Christmas tree balls ...

Window Decorations for winter with candles and glass ornaments

Bright idea deco window christmas candles twigs
And to reinforce this type of natural lighting, we think of glass decorative items, the surface will reflect the light from the candles!

How can the window decorations for Christmas: Window example with stickers and candles

stickers christmas for decoration indoor window panes stars

All these Christmas window decoration options can coexist very harmoniously. On the picture above, we see a nice combination with stickers shaped like stars and candles placed in front of the well decorated glass. And on the images below, we discover three other examples of Deco with Christmas stickers, white paint, garlands and hanging ornaments!

Create Deco original glass for Christmas with paint, stickers, garland and suspensions *

idea Christmas wreath decoration window glass

Christmas stickers picture stickers and window with decorative balls for winter holidays

stickers Christmas snow white window decoration model

Photo and Design by Femke Pastijn Dana van Leeuwen

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