DIY Christmas Wreath – 14 inspirational and original ideas –

DIY Christmas Wreath – 14 inspirational and original ideas

Christmas-wreath-DIY-natural-branches-cedar-fir-apple-flowers-apple-pine Christmas wreath DIY

In this article, we'll give you 14 ideas a Christmas wreath DIY unusual materials. It is for you to choose between Christmas wreath decorated with flowers or that of unusual materials.

You need a basic crown and tiger thread, scissors, glue and spray paint. To give your Christmas crown a more natural look, look for natural materials such as pine cones, pine boughs and cedar. You can use fruits such as apples, orange slices and dried lemon and red berries.

DIY Christmas Wreath - 14 beautiful ideas for a magical party

Christmas-wreath-DIY-caps bribes-cedar branches DIY Christmas wreath

Original idea : Buy small decorative gift boxes in red, white and green and secure them well in the Christmas wreath. This is an easy and unique idea that will delight your friends and your children.

The second idea is unusual, but extremely original - create a beautiful Christmas wreath using wine corks. Decorate your wreath of red berries for a stronger effect. Some branches of green pine will refresh door decoration. Some red fir balls and silver make the truly original Christmas wreath.

An unusual idea is to use a red picture frame instead of traditional round wreath. Red ribbons and candy sticks are required for each Christmas. Use them to create a truly original and unique door wreath.

Christmas Wreath DIY and original - 14 inspirational ideas

crown-DIY-Christmas holly-branch-pine-apple-pin ribbon red Christmas wreath DIY

A beautiful Christmas wreath - small original gift boxes

Christmas-wreath-DIY-small-gift boxes-red-green-white Christmas wreath DIY

A green Christmas wreath and original decorated with a red ribbon

crown-Christmas-DIY fathead fir-red-red-tape-candy sticks Christmas wreath DIY

A beautiful green Christmas wreath decorated with feathers and tree balls

Christmas-wreath-DIY-green-green-ball pens-white Christmas wreath DIY

A Christmas wreath golden and modern DIY

Christmas-wreath-DIY-modern-look-golden-ribbon red Christmas wreath DIY

A Christmas wreath of red and beige burlap

Christmas-wreath-DIY-jute-beige-red-ribbon DIY Christmas wreath

A decorative Christmas stocking decorated with a color ribbon

Christmas-wreath-DIY-sock-party-red-green-colored ribbon Christmas wreath DIY

A red picture frame decorated with a green ribbon


A green DIY Christmas wreath decorated with pinecones and sweets

Christmas-wreath-DIY-branch-pine-apple-pin ribbon-red-white-red-berry Christmas wreath DIY

An original and green Christmas wreath decorated with gilded pine cones

Christmas-wreath-DIY-branch-pine-apple-pine-golden-ribbon red Christmas wreath DIY

A beautiful green Christmas wreath decorated with a red ribbon and berries

Christmas-wreath-DIY-branch-pine-flowers-red-ribbon red Christmas wreath DIY

A decorated DIY Christmas wreath with red poinsettia flowers

crown-DIY-Christmas poinsettia-red-golden ornaments fir Christmas wreath DIY

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