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Wall decoration in iron and steel for rustic style

wall decor iron wall decor idea entry

Fancy a Wall iron decoration for your home or outside of home? If your answer is yes, then we invite you to discover our selection of 48 ideas for wall decoration pictures in iron and other metals original.

Choose the one you like the most and best matches the style of your living space.

Wall decoration iron: three arrows wall decoration iron metal wall deco interior entry idea

Did you know that from ancient times to the Renaissance, seven metals were recognized (gold, silver, copper, mercury, iron, tin, lead) and associated with the seven "planets" observable to the naked eye (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn)?

Idea wall decor iron for entrywall decor iron entrance decoration idea wood furniture

Gold is associated with the Sun, the Venus copper, silver to the Moon, Mercury, also known as quicksilver, the Mercury, iron to Mars, to Jupiter tin, lead to Saturn. Each element is metal and, in turn, combined with an astrological sign.

iron tree to decorate its interior wall

wall decor iron wall decor tree idea

In this publication, we will particularly be interested in three of these metals as wall decoration: iron, copper and iron alloy - steel.

Idea original iron wall decoration depicting a bird cage

wall decor idea iron cage birds original interior decor

The iron, steel and copper are often associated with interior design and industrial and rustic exterior. If you want to integrate one of these styles in your home interior or exterior, metal wall decor so is a great way to start it. Today we present you a wide range of metal decoration ideas that can adapt to a wide variety of interior styles.

Idea original decoration to do oneself with horseshoes
metal wall decor to make your own idea horseshoes diy

At the time, the horseshoe, as its name suggests, was manufactured in iron. Modern horseshoes are usually made of steel. The latter is in fact an alloy of iron and carbon. The horseshoe is considered an object that has the virtues lucky. Did you know why?

Cores manufactured in horseshoes

Deco idea iron inner core iron wall decor

The horseshoe is considered an object that bears happiness and luck for centuries. The origins of this belief are multiple. Some say that the horseshoe is pushing the devil, while others point out that at the time the metal cost quite expensive. Find a lost horseshoe meant then a small metal mass that could bring money.

Horseshoe-shaped heart horseshoe idea deco heart lucky Deco Wall

Today this belief still exists in the collective consciousness and many people decorate the walls of their homes with horseshoes as happiness and luck symbol. Is said to bring happiness to the horseshoe must be placed with sponges up. In this way, it collects happiness and do not let him escape.

Heart made of two horseshoes for a romantic decorationdecorative iron wall horse idea wall decoration metal

We love the idea of ​​wall decoration made of seven old horseshoes below. It is even possible to realize oneself. For cons, the heart horseshoe, pictured above, requires the intervention of a professional.

Flower made of horseshoes, photo Endless Acres PhotographyWall decoration metal idea

Fancy a deco inspired exotic islands where it's always warm and the sun shines? These palm trees, made of wrought iron, then probably will please you and fit very well into the decor of your home:

Wall decoration to buy online: iron palmsmural decoration idea palms

What more feminine than butterflies? Metal butterflies, presented below, are a perfect wall decoration idea for the bedroom, the girl's room or living room. They are available in three colors: yellow, red and blue.

wall decoration idea with butterflies made of metaldecorative idea metal wall butterfly decoration wall Metal

Tree made of iron to decorate the kitchen, the dining room or living room
Deco Wall deco Tree iron metal wall idea

Geometry and abstraction: two key words to make an inside or outside a modern idea. Below we have selected two proposals for wall decoration with metal frame, made abstract and geometric shapes to install the living room, in the dining room or in the entrance:

Wall decoration in geometric and abstract metalDeco metal wall idea interior decorate wall space

abstract iron wall decoration composed of different geometrical shapeswall decor iron wall decor abstract idea

Why choose a wall decoration in iron, copper or steel? This type of wall decoration is not only easy to install but also very durable and will last a very long time. The create your own can be difficult, but it all depends on what you have made. For more complex wall compositions, you will need a professional handyman or the simplest is to buy the decorating store or a specialized online site.

Wall art with iron horsesconcept art deco wall wall decoration in original iron

It is often said, the most trend lately decor is one that is both attractive and practical. This beautiful metal frame allows to place ten small candle and enjoy a decor and soft light at once:

Idea metal decorative wall sconces with integrated
idea metal decorative wall sconce candle deco space idea

Fancy a stylish decoration for your entry, living room, dining room or bedroom? Below you can find two murals of metal, one of abstract form and the other in the shape of flower, who are very stylish.

Two ideas of wall decoration in copper and steel elegant and feminineelegant wall decoration idea diy space deco wall

Wall decoration feminine appearance flower shape made of metalDeco feminine idea interior deco flower wall

The horseshoe is also very easy to decorate with small holes. Below you see a horseshoe decorated with red beads and metal and thin rope:

horseshoe decorated with small red beadsWall decoration in iron and steel for rustic style

Idea of ​​decorative compositions with horseshoesoriginal idea wall decoration horseshoe idea diy decorate space

Looking for an idea wall decoration for your kitchen or dining room? If you like coffee or you just want to decorate your kitchen wall or dining room in an original way, the idea of ​​Deco presented below will undoubtedly please you:

And here's an idea deco kitchen for those who love coffee ...wall decoration idea decorate wall space metal wall idea

As we have already mentioned, the metal is a solidity associated material. However, it is possible to create murals decorative pieces that have the strength of metal and who are "soft". As these metal flowers decorated with pearls:

Wall decoration in feminine and elegant ironWall deco idea decorating flowers metal wall

The rusty iron has a very original rustic look and ideally integrates with industrial style interiors and campaign style. Combined with wood, its rustic beauty is enhanced even more.

Duck made of rusted iron for industrial and rustic decor
rusty iron wall decoration idea original diy

The mural below is not only very cute with her little rabbits rusty iron, but also installs two pots of flowers on the wall, terracotta preferably to complete the rustic look of your wall decoration:

Idea of ​​wall decoration in practical and aesthetic ironrusty iron deco idea indoor rabbit iron metal wall decor

This tree was made of rusted iron. We love the abstract and discrete look. We see the well to integrate a salon interior, modern dining room or bedroom. It is very easy to install wall and very light. You can find it for sale online.

Wall decoration with tree rusty iron
iron tree decoration rusty metal wall decor idea

Do you like music ? Here is a wall decoration idea inspired by musical notes, perfect for those who love beautiful melodies:

iron wall décor inspired by the musical notes
wall decor metal wall decor idea modern space

You probably already know: dream means "dream" in English. If you are dreamy and romantic spirit, and is bilingual in English, wall decor, shown below, is for you! We can see this type of decoration hanging above the headboard in the bedroom or on top of the desk.

Romantic decoration ideal to place on top of the headboard
Deco idea Deco iron wall decor original buy metal

Fish metal to decorate the kitchen wallDeco metal wall fish food idea

The flower made of iron or other metal is probably an unusual and original wall decoration. The flower, usually associated with the softness and femininity, is below, made with a material, it combined with the strength and masculinity, metal. What poetic decoration ...

white painted metal flower to decorate the bedroom or living roomWhite metal flower idea flower decorate original Wall

Iron Flowers worked posed in gold framesFlower Deco idea Deco setting original wall decor idea space

This metal coat rack is our third proposal practical and attractive wall decoration. We advise you to install it in the teen room, your son or daughter, for example:

Deco idea practical for the teen room: original metal coat rack
teen room decor wall decor idea portmanteau

The decorative panel, below, was made of wrought iron. It is a large building and very strong. We see installed above the sofa lounge or convenient to the entrance or in the dining room.

Wall decoration wrought iron for interiors
Deco wrought iron frame wall living room wall deco idea iron

Who does not like wine? If you want to prove your passion for the drink of love, why not install the wall of your living room, dining room or kitchen, this beautiful composition:

And an idea wall deco wrought iron for those who love wine ...Wall Deco idea Deco wine wall mural idea

The sun is a symbol of warmth and life. Below you can find two proposals wall deco sun, both made of rusted iron:

Sun abstract rusty metal Deco wall sunshine iron idea

Decorative Sun rusty iron for a rustic and unique wall decorDeco wall rusty iron wall decor idea sun

A robust and fresh decoration at once, it is quite possible. The proof, this flower made of metal with aged appearance, blue and yellow, and decorated in the middle with a gem:

metal flower with rusted effect Deco Wall Deco Wall sun flower idea

Wall decoration in wrought iron abstract
wrought iron wall decoration idea deco space

Fancy a wall decoration in wrought iron classic look? Then look at this proposed wall decoration flower shaped by Zingz and Tingz:

Idea wall decoration in wrought iron and Buddha figurine Deco idea wrought iron wall decorate original Wall

The tree, meanwhile, is a symbol of life and fertility. Iron, as well as steel and copper, are ideal materials to recreate the shape of any kind of decorative and shaft wall. Below you can find two proposals for wall decor in tree form of iron:

Wall decoration rusty iron shaft tree decoration rusty iron wall decorating idea space idea

Three trees wrought iron and wood to decorate its interior
tree wall decor idea decorate wall idea

The artist Mike Edelman proposes an original interpretation of the decorative wall art metal. Below you can find two of his works:

Art and decoration: a work of art made of metal by creator Mike Edelmanart-metal-mike-edelman-design

metal art made by creator Mike EdelmanWall art deco-metal-mike-edelman-design

Having photos of his family, his friends and his beloved on the wall is nice and warm us from the inside. If you are looking for a photo frame to hang your own, here's an idea wall frame made of metal and very strong:

Frame made of metal to decorate and integrate their favorite photographs
metal picture frame idea deco wall deco metal wall idea

The lanterns have a retro look very original and make a wall decoration very attractive and convenient, especially when they were made of iron or aged metal! These lanterns are not only perfect for decorating your wall, but also to illuminate smooth your room or terrace.

retro style metal lantern to decorate and illuminate
Deco idea Deco metal lantern space idea

Metal lanterns hanging vintage looklantern deco idea interior wall deco wall space

The moon is a symbol of love and romance, then it is a perfect decoration for the bedroom. We love this elegant composition of metal, painted and lacquered:

Decorate the bedroom wall bedroom with art
wall decoration idea diy decorate metal wall idea

Decorate the interior is a pleasant and fun activity. There are many metal wall decor ideas to do it yourself or purchase, original cheap. If our image gallery you liked and there is a metal wall decoration that interests you, feel free to contact us so we can help you and guide you where to find it.

Wall decoration inspired from Tuscany in Italyoriginal idea iron metal wall decor

To discover even more decorating ideas iron and wrought iron, follow the link.

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