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Modern Christmas fir: original proposals

Modern christmas trees

After our article on the decoration of modern design for the Nativity, we continue this theme with a special publication on modern Christmas trees. In recent years, modern decor for the year-end holidays rhyme with nature, simplicity, reasonable expenses and beauty.

Christmas trees are the trend yet rarely "real" green trees; more often they come in the form of ecological alternatives to wood, paper or as wall stickers.

Trees Modern Christmas idea of ​​little green potted tree

small Christmas tree pot

This year, in France, you can buy a small natural Christmas tree from about 30 euros: this is certainly the online price for a fir Abies from a height of 50 to 60 cm, excluding shipping Harbor. This type of small trees is trendy right now because it is easy to decorate and transport and appropriate for apartments of all sizes. In addition, mini Christmas trees can be kept in pots, making them not only more durable, but also ideal for people who want to plant their tree after the year-end holidays.

Idea of ​​modern decoration for Christmas trees in black and white

deco design modern Christmas tree

Artificial Christmas trees are a product long known: the first trees of this type were made in the 19th century, Germany is considered the country of origin. Plastic fir, meanwhile, began to be marketed in the 50s of the 20th century. While they can be very practical and long-term economic, these trees are now widely regarded as less attractive. Moreover, non-degradable materials used in the creation of this type of product are also exposed to numerous criticisms. Suddenly, the plastic Christmas trees are much less present in the collections of modern decorations today than in the past. They are being replaced by alternative paper and wood.

Fir green Christmas, Design Buro North

large christmas tree ecological

Christmas trees paper exist in enough sizes and can be very easy to make yourself. For this reason, they are a preferred alternative yourselfers, but also people living in small-area homes. Their main disadvantage is that they are rarely lasting from one year to another, which makes them less convenient for those who do not have much time. This category also should be mentioned that wall stickers have become very popular in recent years. These trees are popular with everyone because they can be installed in minutes and they did not even occupy one centimeter of the surface area of ​​a house.

Trees Modern Christmas tree made alternative paper

idea christmas tree modern design

But the star of the modern decoration of Christmas is certainly the wooden shaft. The different looks of it are inspired mostly Scandinavian style that is dominated by floor coverings and accessories made of material. These trees quickly won a wide audience because they combine natural warmth and true green pines with the advantages of a reusable product from one year to another. If you are looking for modern Christmas trees for your decor this year, do not forget to visit the collection of bottom photos:

Christmas trees modern wooden

noel sapin decoration idea Modern Style

sticker deco fir Modern Christmas

wall stickers modern Christmas fir

Christmas fir modern design idea

modern deco christmas firs idea

christmas tree deco modern

Christmas trees sticker wall

modern deco christmas tree

Christmas tree decoration modern sticker

modern house Christmas trees

idee fir green Christmas

original christmas tree

decoration fir modern wooden christmas

ideas of artificial Christmas trees

Christmas trees decoration modern style

Christmas trees deco modern design

Christmas tree deco green

christmas tree modern design

Modern Christmas tree deco

aletrnative artificial Christmas tree

image of modern Christmas fir

decoration mini Christmas tree

small trees christmas wood

mini Christmas tree modern

ideas fir Christmas sticker

modern deco christmas tree ideas

ideas deco modern Christmas fir deco original idea christmas tree

DIY decoration modern Christmas fir

DIY deco noel modern tree wood

modern decoration stickers firs

timing of'avent moderne

modern wall deco Christmas trees

ideas of deco noel paper

Christmas tree hanging modern deco

Christmas tree decoration in modern style

modern Christmas gift idea

picture Christmas tree decoration

deco noel green tree

Christmas decoration ecological

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