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DIY children: 50 projects to achieve this Christmas

Christmas Children DIY projects

In winter, we love creative projects, to achieve family. So we decided to share with you this DIY children's Christmas collection! You'll find ideas and tutorials for everyone.

Entrust them to your little treasures or run them with them to create good memories and beautify your home waiting for the holiday season.

Housing impressive children: making a snowman paper

DIY Christmas easy child

If your child likes to cut and paste pieces of paper or fabric, try this snowman project. To make it, gather the following materials: two luminaries in round paper white color and different size (or lanterns hanging lamps), black paper, a little orange and red fabric and an old hat. Create a paper snowman by fixing the two fixtures on each other and asking your little cut round black paper for the eyes, to smile and coat buttons of your man. After pasting these items on the lights, add the orange nose tissue that imitate a carrot, red scarf and, of course, the hat!

DIY easy children and moose: Christmas balls of paint

Christmas crafts simple tree ball

If your son or daughter loves to draw, offer her a Christmas balls decorating activity to customize your tree. The materials you need are: plastic balls (to you to choose the size and color), multicolored paints and brushes. To succeed these decorations, ask your prince or your princess to be attentive and explain that it is important to allow each color dry before adding another layer to your ball.

DIY children: Christmas balls of finger painting

original ideas christmas tree crafts

Let your child choose a color and help him out coat their fingers or hands of it. If necessary, use a brush to spread it. Next put the ball in the palm of your baby and ask him to squeeze it to let his fingerprints. If he decided to use his fingers only, perform the procedure by asking him to press the ball. Let dry for a few hours and then help your darling to draw small details on the ball to complete its decoration.

DIY children: Christmas wreath with lego by Mommy Testers

Children DIY Christmas wreath ideas

Your little like playing with Legos? Excellent, that means it's a boy or a girl with a vivid imgaination, he has very good organizational skills and a creative mind. So, this project Jillian Warner at Mommy Testers will surely excite, because it will allow him to use these preferred construction toys to make, with your help, a Christmas wreath.

DIY Children's Christmas Idea with lego

DIY Lego children christmas crown

To make this easy decoration, you would need 3 items: a green wreath or another color (ready to use or make yourself beforehand), glue pellets and Lego bricks your choice. It is important to use repositionable glue dots because they can be easily removed and the bricks will be able to return to the game room of your little treasure. Once these elements together, think together about how you arrange them on the crown and how you want to match colors. Attach a patch of glue on the back of each Lego item you want to appear on the crown and place it on this one. Repeat until you all the bricks are glued. These three projects DIY easy and impressive kids. You will find the rest of our suggestions and tutorials below:

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