Large gilded mirror ideas for a successful interior design

deco wall picture large gilded mirror

This publication, with a series of tips and examples in pictures, you will learn how to successfully integrate a large gilded mirror in your decorating.

In modern houses, the mirrors can perform several functions: reflect light, visually expand the interior space or simply serve as a nice accent and complement the atmosphere in a room. Of all the mirrors found on the market today, the large gilded mirror is distinguished by its imposing and luxurious look. It is a piece of furniture that does not go unnoticed and need to know to use if we want to develop it and associate it with its decor in a successful way. Let's see how sevrir of this type of furniture.

The large gilded mirror how the focal point in your home

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The large mirror with gold frame with ease endorse the function of a focal point in any room of the house. In this role, it can be hung on a wall but also placed on the ground, next to a designer armchair or lighting up. To further emphasize its beauty, intallez next to your mirror lamp: it will shine its surface and produce beautiful game of shadows and lights.

Large gilded mirror reflecting modern decorative objects on coffee table

deco interior luxurious large gilded mirror

Also note that the mirror should not be installed anywhere in the room. When choosing the location of such an object (especially when it is of significant size), it is necessary to think not only other furniture, which lie next to him, but also to those are facing and will therefore be reflected by its surface. Try adjusting your mirror so that one sees the most interesting objects and the finest in the room: elegant chandeliers, artwork or even a nice bath, for example.

Large gold mirror used for decorating a staircase

ideas deco staircase mirror frames gold

The mirrors are part successfully in decorating small spaces, corridors and staircases. In a minimum surface part, they will create an illusion of depth and bring more light. Corridors and stairs are transition areas which will become more enjoyable and which will appear larger with such a cabinet. However, avoid placing a mirror on the ceiling in your bedroom: some might find that it is a distasteful expression.

Large gold mirror and interior room luxury bathroom

mirror decoration baroque design bathroom

If you want to use a large mirror in a living room with fireplace, consider the possibility of placing it on top of it. It is a solution that will make your stay more comfortable and will attract good energy, according to feng shui rules. Also according to this decorative art, should avoid placing a mirror opposite the bed in the room because it could attract bad energy to the person that is reflected there. To avoid trouble sleeping, ask him then to where you can use it without seeing it directly when you wake up! Here are some tips and tricks to use this type of beautiful object in your home. Now you can examine the rest of our images to select a model gilded mirror and see more decorating suggestions:

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