Deco idea Christmas table: create a white fairy

beautiful Christmas table decoration idea

Need a little to find a isnpiration Christmas table decoration idea ? Discover our 50 best proposals for a fairy decoration in white!

In winter, white reminds us of beautiful scenery of nature snowy forests, original icicles, crystals and snowflakes on the frosted windows. If you like these sets, why not be inspired to decorate your festive table for Christmas dinner? You will see, the white color will allow you to create a decorative table and magical fairy that will please your family and impress your guests.

Beautiful Christmas table decoration idea in white

Eve table decoration idea christmas

The white color offers enormous opportunities for successful table decoration. A table decorated only in white nuances reproduce successfully a winter atmosphere and magical. The crystal and glass objects such as glasses, vases and jars, could nicely complement this type of decoration: they will think your guests with icicles, typical for the winter.

Deco idea Christmas table covered in white with original

table decoration idea christmas ornament white

If you have decorative glass objects on hand, feel free to use them: they will attract the attention of your guests and will think of the original creations of nature are sometimes discovered during the winter tours. You could also use a vase with some pine twigs as table center: decorate them with small white balls, beads or salt dough ornaments to replicate the fairytale image of a forest in winter.

Pretty Christmas table decoration idea in white with flowers

photo decoration ideas noël blanc table

For your white table decoration is not too icy, consider adding some fine and warm touches. To do this, you can use cloth napkins elegant champagne-colored, small wooden decorations or flowers, like roses or orchids, for example.

Idea deco table Christmas ornaments in white, complemented candles

ornament decoration idea christmas table candle

Candles are another item that you can use to complete your Christmas table decoration in white. We love the friendly atmosphere they bring during this time of year when it's cold and gray and when the days are short. Look at the picture above, is it not a perfect example of decoration in pleasant and warm white?

Deco idea Christmas table in red and white

beautiful party table decorations

Those who wish to add a little color to white table decor could use monochrome ornaments as a base and supplement it with elements in red, green, blue, but also gold and silver. The color red is, as we know, a classic choice for decoration at year end. Depending on your preferences, you might add some green ornaments for a classic look to your Christmas table will be in absolute harmony with your tree.

Idea deco table with Christmas ornaments in white and silver

New Year decoration ideas silver

The ornaments in gold and silver perfectly fit right to a Christmas table decoration with base white. Such ornaments give your Christmas table a festive and joyous look. It also allows you to show your guests that you wanted to create a special and memorable ambiance. To succeed a decoration like this, use a beautiful table setting with, for example, covered in gold or silver.

Deco idea Christmas table with white and silver suspensions

table decor ideas white eve party

Depending on the decorating style you choose, you may also add suspensions of gold and silver above the table or put on the table runner Christmas ornaments in those colors. Have you found an idea Deco Christmas table? You can view all the fairy decoration white images in the gallery below:

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