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For the holidays, why not a Christmas tree original theme

alternative christmas tree on wall

Many of us buy our Christmas tree the denier time and often our decor is a bit improvised. In the family, everyone has their preferences and children in many cases the last word.

Yet we all agree that the Christmas tree is the center of attraction and nothing excites so many minds. And why not think a little ahead and choose a decorative theme that pleases everyone? Of course, this means devoting some time to negotiation - what type of tree, natural or artificial, which dominant color, what kind of ornaments, etc. And then, the budget issue is not high because some themes we can be more expensive than others. For example, if you are inspired by cartoon characters, Christmas tree decoration cost may be higher, and more time is needed to find. But after all, what a pleasure to admire its unique Christmas tree and marked by our own personality. This is frankly a shot. Look at these pictures and stitch ideas.

Ideas for your Christmas tree theme

colorful design treeOnly Christmas balls in bunches of three colors

theme tree balls
single garland Accent

design fir light themeA lounge with two firs

Christmas tree decoration red goldTree with white and silver accent

noël sapin deco accent silver white The carnival theme Fir Christmas carnival design Gradient horizontal colorsChristmas tree design gradation of colorsThe theme of blue and white flowers

Christmas tree theme white blue flowers

artificial tree in purpleChristmas tree arificiel purpleAC and minimalist fir wood logs

original design christmas tree Fir Galvanizedgalvanized metal Christmas tree yellow gold christmas tree Christmas tree fruit theme

Christmas tree white silver design

Christmas gold blue fir

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