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Guestbook original wedding in 30 cool ideas to customize!

book'or mariage original diy-idees-inspiration

The wedding guest book is a book or other medium that allows us to keep a souvenir of his day like wedding guests signatures, messages they want to leave us, fingerprints or photos.

In recent years, there are more and more original ideas for the presentation of this object that accompanies almost all weddings. More and more couples are resorting to interesting media, to books to make yourself, or even digital solutions. We collected a series of

30 ideas for original wedding guest book

that each couple can make for her special day. If you do not want to take care of this aspect of planning your wedding, ask one of your relatives or your witnesses to select the best option. Custom wedding guest book handmade, via the shaft footprint and video messages for iPad, nothing is too good for a day of unforgettable wedding!

book'or mariage original album-photo-invites-diy-idees

A custom wedding guest book can take the form of a book in itself but can also occur as a table or any other kind of support. Wood, an object which is specifically yours, bottled on pebbles ... The options are really seem endless! How to decide which will be most suitable for you? Our advice: think about how you want to keep your original wedding guest book. Would you expose on the wall of your home? Or would you keep it online? This will give you an initial idea for the support that you will favor. Then it all depends on your desires and the theme of your party!

DIY wedding guest book original paper with envelopes

book'or mariage original album-mariage-enveloppes-photo-messages-livre-d-or

Making your own original and personalized wedding guest book can represent a fun craft activity project. To perform the cutting or by witnesses, the creation of such a book or wedding album is to glue several small envelopes on each page. Allow a-enough for all guests. They can then register their names and wishes on slips of paper, to slip into envelopes.

Guestbook wedding customized printing paper

book'or mariage original cartes-a-imprimer-exemple

DIY projects next book paper gold wedding, there is also a more modern and practical solution. These are printing cards or sheets prefilled to offer guests. They comprise various fields: name, side (bride or future husband), wishes, advice ... The cards of this type can be found on the web; but it can also make their own custom templates.


If you decide to opt for this kind of original wedding guest book, so plan how you will collect the pieces of paper. A mailbox, a small box, a makeshift casket ... You have to find the best item!

Original Wedding guest book to oneself with guests portraits

diy-book-gold-wedding-theme-Vintage Photo

To keep the memory of all those present at the wedding party, we opt for a guestbook original wedding album style. I am organizing a wedding with vintage-style decor, it procures an instant camera. We ask each guest to take pictures and stick to the inside of the album. He can sign his name below the photo or inscribe a message to married.

book'or mariage original papier-silhouettes-modele

The personalized wedding album with pictures of each guest is also available in Version cutting silhouette. This is an original project that will require a little more time, especially if it is a big event with lots of guests. Because, as you guessed, it would cut out the silhouette of each person before pasting onto a page of the album. It will then be invited to identify their pictures and leave a note in front of them!


When you have a friend gifted in painting, it is implied in the manufacture of its draft personalized wedding guestbook! He was asked to create images that will replace the pictures of the guests. They will then have fun to discover their portraits, while writing their messages!

How to yourself wedding guest book with scraps of paper

make-a-book-gold-wedding-personalized paper

Fancy a more original idea? Try a custom wedding album with small pieces of paper. Cut in a sufficient number in a romantic shape such as cores, for example. You could even make quite an interesting picture!


State your creation in your wedding venue or party area so everyone can insert their name and thoughts to the couple. After the party, this table will become an attractive wall decoration for your home.

Make a custom wedding guest book inspired by the theme of the party


Paper is a versatile material that can be used to make a wedding album inspired by the theme of its decor. For a wedding with fall decor, it will cut scraps of paper in the shape of autumn leaves.


And for a romantic feast, we will build on origami or another custom form. Guests will be free to choose a piece of paper for writing some thoughtful words.

Book-gold-Wedding-romantic idea diy-bottle-Message

Here again, it is essential to provide a container for storing small papers signed. A pretty empty bottle or a beautiful decanter is perfect for the occasion!

Book original wedding shaped bottle of champagne


After the paper projects, let's original wedding guestbook ideas more unusual media. Among these, there is the bottle of champagne. festive object par excellence, the bottle gives us a little space for the signature of each of our wedding guests.

idee-pound gold-wedding-bottle wine champage

And since this area is not always sufficient, so think about getting the paper cartons. Put them next to the bottle to collect the wishes of the wish to write a message a little longer.

Personalized Wedding Guestbook on original media


As we said, the original media are now part of the popular choice for making personalized wedding book gold. These supports vary depending on the couple's wishes but also the wedding decor theme. Glass is an interesting option that can focus for a retro or romantic wedding decor. It then uses an old window display in a corner of the party area.


The wedding theme decor trip is complemented with a world globe or map. These objects are then decorated by the guests with their signatures but also with travel suggestions and discoveries for the young couple.

book'or mariage original vyniles-a-signer-idee

To keep a souvenir of all vintage wedding guests, one can also use an original wedding guest book shaped vinyl. In recent years, vinyls are increasingly used for wall decoration of the house. Collect the names of your friends and loved ones on a support of this type and use it to decorate your walls!

book'or mariage original assiettes-deco-murale

Another interesting possibility is inspired by the decorative wall with plates. Pick up several plates in bright colors and pen relevant to size. Invite your guests to write their names and messages for you to decorate the walls of your kitchen or dining room!

Book idea or original wedding, personalized natural materials


The natural decor is a sustainable trend that inspired the creation of original wedding guest books with ecological materials. The pebbles are just one example of this kind of materials. Purchased or collected by the sea, it is presented in a box or in a basket. Those invited to the wedding party each choose a pebble and note a few words on it.

idea-book wedding-guests-letters-wood

The wooden objects are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wedding guest book. Their shape depends, again, the wedding decor and the couple wishes. Some married prefer letters cut wood; others opt for a panel boards, simply.

DIY book-gold-wedding-wood-a-do-it-yourself

Supports for wooden original wedding guest book are sometimes painted, sometimes left in their natural color. Painting is generally white or slate to better highlight the messages of guests.

Guest books Wedding shaped original objects


Many couples a passionate sport, music and art or a particular activity decide to opt for an object that symbolizes their passion. Thus we see guitars, surfboards or skate and similar objects turn into supports for signatures wedding albums.

book'or mariage original idee-planche-surf-bois

The puzzles and wooden creations become custom wedding albums

Album-book wedding-gold-puzzle-wood posts

The puzzles and custom wood planks are a variation of the green wedding guest book. Their peculiarity? They are designed to be a decorative wall object in themselves.


The guests noted their names and messages on pieces of the puzzle or a board specially decorated. It can be cut to indicate the place of marriage, names of guests, their country of origin ...


Guestbook original wedding in a video message

book'or mariage original appli-ipad-videos

Those who want to keep a souvenir of their marriage without retaining additional objects utilize video messages solutions. These are recorded by the guests on the wedding day or some time before. Today, there are even applications that make organizing these messages!

Paper gold wedding personalized wedding fingerprint shaped tree


Last interesting option, the marriage footprint shaft is to collect the fingerprint of his guests shaped tree crown. The couple is free to draw himself what type of tree to buy or download one for free on the Web.

Tree-a-wedding-tray-free printing