Makeup girl vampire successful – our Halloween makeup guide! –

Makeup girl vampire successful – our Halloween makeup guide!

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The vampire makeup is a Halloween costume of the most popular options in recent years. Scary, mysterious and sexy at the same time, this kind of Halloween makeup has several features that allow us to recognize it immediately.

But at the same time, it gives us a lot of freedom for the selection of accessories and for the possible addition of custom keys. On the occasion of the approach of autumn,

we revealed the secrets of successful vampire girl makeup.

Read the text below to learn how to make a Halloween vampire makeup impressive and get inspired by our pictures to customize your look!

Makeup girl vampire for Halloween - one opts for pale skin

Vampire makeup girl-halloween-easy tutorial

The pale skin is the essential characteristic of all vampire looks, no matter if it is a Halloween makeup man or woman. This is due to a simple reason: according to legends, vampires are supposed to get out at night only. The sun's rays, which give skin its natural and cool shades, never come into contact with the face of the vampire.


To be successful a vampire makeup girl this 31 October, thus provides a clear foundation. It is applied all over the face and on visible body parts (arms, neck, shoulders ...). Note also, that pale color will highlight other Halloween makeup items.

Halloween vampire makeup girl - how makeup eyes

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By definition, vampires are mysterious creatures. And, as the eyes are supposed to be the mirror of the soul, both in giving a mysterious and intriguing look. For this, we opt for shades that emphasize the look. Below we list the most interesting solutions side eye makeup for a vampire.


A popular option is the color black. It is largely inspired by the Gothic vampire image and that of the Victorian era. For this type of vampire girl makeup, eyes are highlighted with eyeliner or pencil. dark shades closer to black, like blue and brown, are also widely accepted. It is also free to accentuate the effect of this Halloween makeup with eye shadow in the same tones.


Other vampire girl makeup options for the eyes are shades of red, silver and light brown. The first option helps a scary look; it will harmonize well with a lipstick in the same shade. The silver shades give the look cold and detached air. They probably will appeal to those who have fair skin and black hair.

girl vampire makeup tutorial-eyes-original-idea

Building on light shades of makeup for the vampire eyes is a possibility that should the girls with naturally clear skin and hair. It's a kind of scary Halloween vampire makeup but just as delicate.


Vampire Makeup girl - options to highlight his lips

scary vampire makeup-girl idea

As the eyes of the vampire, lips are a key element of Halloween makeup woman of this type. For, needless to recall, these mythical creatures are known for their appetite for blood. Suddenly, the Halloween vampire makeup should reflect the specificity of the vampire lifestyle.

Vampire makeup woman-halloween-ideas

In practice, there are two options for the vampire makeup girl lips. One is to imitate a drop of blood near the lips with a red tint. For many people, this is the final touch that distinguishes the vampire makeup that of all the other scary creatures the night of October 31!


The second possibility would be to substitute a lipstick with drops of blood. In this case, the focus is on a dark, rich shades. Red is ideal since it contrasts nicely with pale vampire. Black is another popular solution; we favor this color so we opted for dark shades in the area around the eyes.

Customize vampire makeup girl!


After applying foundation makeup girl vampire for Halloween, you can customize its look with a little more makeup and accessories. Again, one is free to choose between two popular solutions: a scary Halloween makeup woman or a rather sexy look.


For a scary Halloween makeup woman, playing with the shape of her eyebrows. These must be kept spotless. For a terrifying look, we can highlight the more with an eyebrow pencil. And we do not forget to add additional drops of blood around his lips!

Vampire makeup girl-sexy-woman-easy tutorial

For a woman sexy Halloween makeup, it refrains makeup options lips too ostentatious. We put on a drop of blood close to the mouth or simply with red lips. her makeup is completed with a black or red nail polish. Below is a video tutorial that shows how successful the details of this look.

What accessories and what Halloween costume to complete the vampire makeup?


Halloween costumes and accessories side, the possibilities are truly endless. Vampire Teeth are, of course, a typical accessories for this type of disguise. In addition, there are jewelery and hair accessories we select based on its overall look. For a contemporary vampire, we will focus on refined and modern jewelry. And if we want to turn into a creature that seems to come from the past, we will opt for vintage jewelry.



Regarding the Halloween vampire costume colors to wear are definitely red and black. In some cases, you can also try a white outfit. She further emphasized the pale skin tone and give the vampire a more innocent.


Last interesting idea: complete his Halloween costume woman with a vampire bite. For this, we will need to play with makeup a little while before leaving his house. The idea would be to copy the appearance of the vampire teeth on his neck. For, let us remember, it becomes a vampire after having suffered such a bite!

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