Decorating Ideas for Christmas- manufacture adorable angels

Decorating Ideas for Christmas- manufacture adorable angels

great idea Deco-Christmas-angel-music score

Get ready for the upcoming party with this interesting idea about decorating tinkering - Christmas angels. This year you can make happy children and delight your guests with beautiful decorations for the Christmas tree that you have made yourself.

Examine the Christmas decorating ideas following and get inspired!

Christmas Decorating Ideas: angels natural materials

Christmas decorating ideas angels cones tapes

You do not need a huge budget to make impressive decorations. The following ideas are performed departed recovery materials or like you have at home or you can find while walking in the nearby park. Purchase of spray paint to the craft store and you are ready. You do not need a lot of colors, as will making angels, opt for white and silver or gold. Use wooden beads for the face. Collect bird feathers that you can use for the wings of the angel and pine cones to make the body. Use cupcake tins in white paper to make the tunic of the heavenly creature. For lovers of pasta - pasta collect different shapes and sizes - farfalle for the wings, rigatoni body, orecchiette and conchiglie for head etc. Stick the elements together, let them dry and paint bomb. At the end decorate with a gold or silver ribbon. Glue several types of shells together to make a figure of angel.

Christmas Decorating Ideas and pretty easy

Deco ideas fir-Christmas-Angels-caps cork

The idea of ​​following DIY is very creative and at the same time super easy to imitate. Collecting corks and paste them in wooden beads so that you get the body and head of the angel. Use an organza ribbon and tie a loop-these are the wings. It's easy, right? Use small figurines to decorate the tree or hide them as a surprise in the compartments of the Advent calendar. And above all, have fun by making these Christmas angels super cute!

DIY easy: angel cupcake tins paper

Decoration-Christmas angel mold-cupcakes-paper

The charming result

idea Deco-Christmas angel mold-paper feathers

Angels in chic white felt

Christmas decoration-idea-super-felt-white angels

DIY decoration lace

DIY idea-super-Deco-Christmas-angel-lace

Use different pasta to fabricate an angel

original idea-easy-Deco-Christmas-Angels-pasta

Ornament super nice painted pasta

Christmas decorating ideas angels DIY-pasta

white cardboard angels covered flakes

Christmas decorating ideas angels glitter paper

Beautiful idea: angels in old music scores

DIY Deco-Christmas-music-score-angels

Use the natural look of burlap

Christmas decoration-ideas-angels-canvas jute

Christmas decorating ideas angels-paper window

Decorating Ideas Christmas-Angels-pasta-painted

Decorating Ideas Christmas angels cutting paper

ideas Deco-Christmas-Angels-sticks-Eskimo

Christmas decoration-idea-angel-pearl-wood pens
DIY-idea-easy-decoration-Christmas angel buttons

Christmas decorating ideas-children-paper angels

DIY idea-decoration-Christmas-angel-shells

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