DIY decoration 100 DIY ideas for the summer interior decoration –

DIY decoration 100 DIY ideas for the summer interior decoration

DIY decor ideas living

Summer is already here and even though we love to spend our time in the hammock with a cool glass of lemonade in hand, he will still get up to work a little bit.

The good weather is the opportunity to start some projects DIY decor and redecorate the interior and garden. This is, of course, original and fun projects to do that will help to give personality to your home decor. Come on, do not waste time and just contemplate our 100 ideas DIY decor to start the summer in style!

DIY deco wall clock in the shape of bears

DIY decor modern animal clock

Let's start with the living room. It's time to upgrade your old coffee table. And wood pallets are there for! Just create a pretty solid wood pallet and attach feet to it to create the most beautiful coffee table of rustic style that you've ever seen! For wall decoration, you can use the covers of fashion magazines, for example, and turn them into fine art paintings by attaching them to the walls. You just need a magazine rack rope. The rest you'll see from the pictures.

DIY Deco: original wall shelf for the living room

DIY Deco shelves boxes

Speaking of wood, tree trunk side tables are always in fashion and happily! Just find a nice tree trunk and use it as a side table for your newspapers in the lounge. This is a wonderful idea for a beautiful and practical decoration. How about storing your small trinkets in style on a shelf made from two storage boxes? This is perfect for storing your vintage decorative items, do not you think?

Magazine rack DIY for ballroom decor

DIY Deco metal door fabric journals

And it does not stop there, with regard to storage, because the show always needs creative storage ideas! An old purse may well serve as a place to store it when you get your keys at home. Do you like animals? While an animal-shaped clock is sure to please! You just need to cut out the silhouette of a cat, a dog or why not a small bear from cardboard and turn it into wall clock.

DIY ottoman that can serve as a coffee table or stool

DIY deco coffee table ottoman

The ottomans will never be obsolete because they are extremely versatile pieces. They can easily serve as a comfortable stool, a coffee table or an extra room for your guests. Choose from modern fabric, make a large bag and stuff it it well. And do not put your books on the sofa, how about a bookend two pieces of wood painted in your favorite colors?

Cart DIY design made from an old leather handbag

DIY decor elegant storage bag

If you want to decorate your wall of woven wall panel, but you do not have time to sew it yourself, then you are at right place. The wall decor that you will see on one of the pictures requires only placemat woven tassels and glue. It is also high time to finally find a place to store your important business such as keys or phone you usually put on the coffee table. To create such a place, you just need basic sewing skills to sew a tote leather and place it in the desired location in the lounge.

DIY pillow decorated with pompoms

DIY Deco tassels earpads

If you want to hide your computer's router or some cables, you can pretty much put some books on a shelf and hide behind what you souhitez. Make like the picture and nobody will suspect anything! And to give a new look to your wallboard, just dip them halfway in paint or simply repaint their frames.

Wall decoration with DIY placemat with fringe

DIY deco panel modern weaves

Fancy bling-BLNG objects to make your bright decor? Why not simply change the feet of your coffee table with brass feet? A trip to the hardware store and you will have a new table within hours. The table tops are also handy for coffee tables. You can use them as decoration by arranging candles or flowers or above to serve the aperitif for your guests.

Decorative basket DIY Leather

DIY Deco leather basket

The pillowcases are definitely the easiest way to redecorate vote lounge. Buy single-colored pillowcases and Embellish them, subsequently, with pads of different shapes and colors. The result is very original and still unique. Crowns are also a great idea to decor for your walls. Make a beautiful crown dry flowers, wood or paper and decorate your walls with.

Storage Boxes DIY colored cardboard

DIY decor paper storage boxes

Now it's time to redecorate your bedroom. The first thing that is noticed on entering a room is the bed and the headboard You can change your simple headboard for a pallet, the paint or decorate with stickers. Be creative! If you have a laptop, you probably let bedside while sleeping at night. Just as your computer or tablet. On one of the photos below, you will find a great idea for a setting where you can leave your business at night while charging the battery.

Jewelry Box DIY

DIY Deco jewelry box

The stickers or sticker wallpaper are some very creative ways to decorate your bedroom. You can even beautify your walls with a romantic message letters cut from painted sticker paper. But do not stop there! Enjoy the photos of our item to the end to find some very original ideas for the decor of your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or garden. The summer is long and you have all the time necessary to make several decorative DIY projects that you like:

DIY serving tray for coffee table

DIY deco coffee table tray

watches holder DIY Idea

DIY decorative holder modern watches

DIY bookends made from two pieces of wood painted pink

DIY decorative wood bookends

Do It Yourself: Original Wall Hanging

DIY Art Deco painted frames

Shelves with books behind which you can hide a computer or router cables


Idea of ​​floating DIY side table for the bedroom

DIY decor floating bedside table

Pillowcases DIY custom pillows

DIY deco pillowcases'oreillers personnalises

very soft and elegant little DIY carpet

DIY DIY Deco Modern carpets

DIY Decorating the headboard

Deco DIY headboard

DIY deco pillowcases'oreillers design

DIY Wall Deco black whiteboard room

DIY deco bedroom

DIY Deco perfume bottles room

DIY Deco room cabinet

DIY custom bedding bedroom decor

cosmetic boxes DIY bathroom

DIY idea deco jewelry

DIY decorative wood bedside lamp

DIY decor idea telepone

DIY Deco tassels room

DIY Deco bedside lamp

DIY decorative lighting Festoon

DIY bedroom wall decoration

DIY wooden frame mirror

DIY kitchen bottles Scriptures

DIY kitchen locker wooden wine

DIY wood kitchen trolley

DIY kitchen leather covered bottles

DIY metal kitchen wall deco

DIY kitchen beneath wooden dishes

DIY kitchen shelf liege pratque

DIY kitchen DIY labels

DIY kitchen idea

DIY post it kitchen idea

DIY kitchen lamp woven kitchen

DIY kitchen board Personalized kitchen

DIY kitchen shelf butter

DIY kitchen door kitchen accessories

DIY wood kitchen knife

DIY kitchen knife door Magnette

DIY wooden kitchen utensil holder

DIY kitchen surface concrete kitchen island

DIY Deco room floating lights

DIY deco deco flowers curonne

DIY Deco coasters

DIY deco coffee table brass feet

DIY shelf flotannte coppery

DIY marble wall clock

DIY wooden garden swing

DIY garden bench plants

DIY garden long wooden chair

DIY garden stone fireplace metal

DIY cushion garden color

DIY garden pond water

DIY garden hanging chair

DIY garden light string

DIY garden hammock idea

DIY garden original idea

DIY garden game conhrole

DIY garden metal lanterns

DIY painted garden furniture

DIY garden small rope belt

DIY garden flower pot wood concrete

DIY garden pots personalized flowers

DIY garden stool storage timber

DIY garden outdoor carpet stains

DIY garden tent fabric

DIY modern wooden tray

DIY accessory holder bathroom

DIY toilet paper holder

DIY bathroom soap dispenser

DIY bathroom cabinet blackboard area

DIY bathroom shelf frame

DIY Deco bathroom shelf

DIY bathroom mirror frame

DIY bathroom towels distributor wood

DIY storage bathroom scale

DIY bathroom shelf floating bath

DIY bathroom daughters of'air

DIY bathroom soap dish

DIY bathroom towel rail

DIY bathroom linen bag

DIY bath holder bathroom

DIY decoration bathroom soaps

DIY Deco bathroom curtains

DIY carpet hall bath old shirts

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