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Zen decor: modern and minimalist examples

Zen living room decoration

Zen decoration for any home creates a tranquil atmosphere. It's a dream that can be realized easily with our proposals of examples of this style of decoration. From the garden to the bathroom, through the kitchen, living room and bedroom. Succeeding a Zen decor, is betting above all on a furniture arrangement that privileges space, in a refined atmosphere, the colors softened by painting.

Zen decoration to lounge with indoor garden

Zen living room decoration

A painting in shades of white, gray, neutral colors associated with colors like the bed, pillows and rugs are unavoidable. Side furniture must minimize their number for a refined atmosphere. A wooden floors and light wood furniture will bring simplicity and contribute to creating an atmosphere of cocooning. Natural materials, cotton, wool, flax and leather and bed linen, cushions, rugs and decorative accessories are a great choice to complement the Zen decor.

A room of original open bathroom

Zen decoration modern room jacuzzi baths

A haven of peace with tinted exotic floor cushions arranged here and there and some of the furniture that are as seating to enjoy his tea in a Zen amidst the boulders. Even the most stressed are also Buddhist Zen that in such a part. Contemplate these examples for a successful Zen decor. You should know that refined decoration Zen largely based in Asia as a source does not need a lot of decor items.

A bedroom in a Zen style

zen bedroom decoration style

One bedroom with a Zen decoration

bedroom Zen deco orange wood

A lounge with a decor inspired by Asia


A room of Zen stylized bathroom

Zen decoration glamorous bathroom

One bedroom with a minimalist design

zen timber chamber atmosphere

A lounge decorated aesthetically

modern Zen design decoration

A well-appointed lounge with a fireplace

Zen decoration dining room fireplace design table

A Zen garden for meditation

sen deco garden outside Zen bathroom decoration decoration Japanese Zen Lounge deco Zen Japanese-style room modern design Zen bathroom decoration Zen deco wall fountain Zen meditation garden deco bathroom spacious Zen deco glass zen decoration style bathroom contemporary lounge zen deco

zen wood table decoration

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