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Diverting a fireplace – some creative ideas

divert a fireplace

Traditionally used as heating, fireplace has evolved today into a place that serves everything. It is used for its heat and decorates for all the holidays - this is how the fireplace becomes a witness of the history of our family.

But the fireplace is important for the interior design. Here are some original decorative ideas how to divert a fireplace that will focus on your decoration.

Modern fireplaces are no longer working as wood and ashes. If you do not use your fireplace, consider converts business storage location. It may very well become the place where you keep your wine bottles. Look at the picture of the beautiful fireplace SF Girl by Bay. The fireplace can turn into a beautiful "frame" for all objects you want to show or simply a storage location. Just put some interesting shelves inside.

Diverting a fireplace - original decoration ideaDiverting a fireplace - Deco

Usually fireplaces are built of bricks. And the bricks can be an exceptional decor element if we add the right accessories. You can repaint and put their color of your choice following well with the rest of your decor.

What you put around the fireplace is also very important. You can combine different decor items or wooden shelves. Imagine the colors you are going to.

Make your fireplace the centerpiece of your interior. A fireplace mantel that you can display your family photos is a great idea. It can also become a mini art gallery when placing art above. Be creative!

diverted fireplace decorated with white bricks Diverting a fireplace - bricks

white diverted fireplace contrasting with the green decorations diverted deco fireplace

diverted Fireplace in a modern interior diverting a fireplace bricks

diverted fireplace with candles inside divert deco fireplace

diverted fireplace with built-in shelving diverting a fireplace shelves

fireplace decoration with stones fireplace decoration idea

diverted fireplace with built brigs chéminée wooden bricks

Very original fireplace decorated with wood inside wood fireplace decoration idea

white design diverted chimney on a blue wall Deco fireplace design idea

Deco fireplace flowers idea

Deco luxury fireplace idea

Deco modern fireplace idea

Deco fireplace objects

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