bohemian chic decor for a vitamin universe of contrasts –

bohemian chic decor for a vitamin universe of contrasts

Deco bohemian chic living room sofa coffee table cushions wood design idea

The bohemian chic decor fascinates with its intense patterns and vivid universe of contrasts. To adopt this style in your home and invite the gypsy spirit, do not hesitate to mix elements and classic furniture with whimsical accessories, colorful and magical.

Check out our gallery of 39 interiors of living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and garden rooms furnished and decorated in chic bohemian spirit.

bohemian chic decor for a vitamin and inside of contrasts

Deco lounge carpet floor cushions idea frames wall fixture trend

sometimes called hippie chic, bohemian chic style is casual and energetic. With its mix of prints, veils, colors and vintage objects, this style makes joyful and vitamin atmosphere. Beyond its cultural past, the bohemian life is associated with a carefree, light, free, artistic and close to nature. In decoration, bohemian style is strongly influenced and inspired by the years of the sexual revolution in 1960-1970 and the hippie movement. It is inspired by the nomadic life and the "hippie trail", a journey of the hippies in the 60 They went from Europe to Asia via the East. This explains the presence of materials and oriental objects, gypsies and Hindus.

Who says the bohemian chic decor can not be stylish and thin?

decoration false stool plant room bore idea carpet floor

In connection with the nomadic life, we often find decorative items brought from distant travel, for example. Colors are strong in general: red, purple, yellow, orange, turquoise, green. Embroidery, flowers, stripes and original prints are very present. But the most important place is given to fabrics: cushions, sails, blankets, rugs and others. There is a preference for natural materials.

outdoor decoration idea in chic bohemian spirit

Outdoor Decor bohemian chic idea hammock garden decor trend cushions

Hunt in flea markets, garage sales and bazaars is a good idea if you want to find items for your bohemian chic décor and start collecting them.

Some decorating ideas bohemian chic

chic bohemian decor misconception bore suspension design

Often bohemian style may seem kitsch. In reality, nothing prevents it from being chic and elegant. The key to a successful bohemian chic décor: balance and harmony.

Macramé: essential and sophisticated bohemian chic element

Deco idea bohemian chic tendancemacramé

An inner bohemian style will make your guests travel to unknown lands and mysterious troop of circus gypsy dancers.

Idea of ​​bohemian chic decoration for the baby room

baby room decor idea bohemian chic deco wall

Decoration with frames, cushions and plants

Deco idea bohemian chic lounge sofa cushions frames wall carpet floor plant

Interior beautifully decorated white

Deco idea bohemian chic white wall deco bed trend

Idea decoration small space

Deco idea bohemian chic living room bed linen cushions

blue wall decorated with frames that contrast with the yellow sofa, source: Vogue

interior wall decoration idea couch cushions frames

Beautiful coffee table and velvet sofa

white coffee table idea deco salon floor mat wall frames sofa cushions

Cushions and fake furs

Deco interior bohemian idea couch cushions bore false trend mirrored coffee table

Bathroom interior with romantic decoration

bathroom shower curtain romantic idea bohemian chic decor

outdoor decoration idea with cushions

Deco chic outdoor chair cushions idea bohemian

decorating idea for the bedroom in blue and pink

bohemian chic decoration cushions idea coffee table

Idea bohemian decorating for small spaces

boho chic deco apartment bedroom idea

Two modern interiors bohemian inspiration

Deco idea bohemian chic modern interior cushions

Interior elegant and sophisticated bohemian chic

Deco idea bohemian lounge sofa chair design lighting suspension cushions

Decoration with authentic wooden furniture and unique items

interior decoration idea sofa chair lamp floor mat cushions idea

mysterious atmosphere Salon

modern living room decor idea boho chic chair cushions yellow ottoman

Sofa cushions with pink and floral patterns

pink sofa decoration idea bohemian chic cushions tendanc wall carpet floor leather ottoman

The fabrics are very important

Deco interior hipster lounge chair cushions tend idea

Interior with brick wall and bohemian decor

Deco bohemian living room shelf wood design idea

Remember plants

Deco chic interior floor carpet Aztec idea modern trend bohemian design wood chair

Each element in this interior is different and authentic

Deco idea bohemian chic trend modern chair ottoman mirror flowers

feminine and chic

boho chic deco idea interior wall frames

Wall decoration with abstract art

Deco wall painting abstract idea couch

Ideas for the bedroom

Deco room cushions modern wooden shelf inside idea

Beautiful interior with all elements must for a bohemian chic atmosphere

bedroom decoration idea cushions wall frame table

industrial style boho style

Deco bohemian lounge cushions idea industrial modern style wooden library design

Modern interior with coffee table design

bohemian interior decorating floor mats idea wood low glass table

Ideas for the bedroom

bohemian chic modern deco room idea

Idea for a bedroom at once bohemian, minimalist

deco bohemian chic trendy room

Wall decoration with veil and frames

bohemian chic decoration idea interior wall frames

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