How to create succulent arrangements –

How to create succulent arrangements

succulents idea deco table Three things you need to grow beautiful succulents healthy: soil, water and sunlight. The succulents, also known as succulents, are not difficult to entretenit.

Succulents are impressive for their multifunctionality and the things we can create with them. With a bit of talent and inspiration, you can turn your succulent pots into works of art. For example, you can do something really nice for a wedding using slices of wood, bark and succulents.

Get inspiration for brilliant creations with succulents

succulents plant pot arrangement ideas

Get inspired to create mini gardens of succulents in a clear glass bowl. Make a bed of succulent plants on timber and place it in the center table for your special holiday. Mix and match colors, textures and materials to achieve the desired effect. You can also add some additional accessories such as shells, stones or pine cones. If you want something a little more complex, you can make a miniature garden by combining as many species, colors and shapes you want.

Large or small, these plants are beautiful and multifunctional

succulents Japanese floral art ideas

Succulents are very versatile and you can use them for many different projects and even turn them into wall art. Another idea is to make small cork growers for tiny succulents and attach with magnets in the fridge. These plants are really cute. They are small and easy to put in small containers, such as old toys, for example. A great idea if you have kids who have grown up and not in use anymore.

Create tables of plants - easy!

succulents garden hanging frame

A solution if you do not have pot

succulents flower arrangement foams

Idea wall decor to do with succulent

Fridge magnets alive

Beautiful floral arrangement with succulents

cage'oiseaux comme pot pour les succulents

Floristry with delicious multicolored

succulents arrangement on the coffee table

green wall concept with delicious

Art of plants on the wall

Floral Japanese kokedama and succulents suspended

idea'arrangement de plantes grasses sans pot

Zen gardens are prettier with succulents

Garden of succulents

vertical succulent garden

vertical succulent garden

Wall with succulents

Wall with succulents

Pot as treasure

Pot as treasure

Pot is a book

Pot fact'un livre

Succulents arranged in a simple pot

Succulents arranged in a pot Old toy used as pot sublime arrangement succulents beautiful table setting tiny Centerpiece Centerpiece with succulent Indicator number of interesting table Glass jar for succulents shell-shaped pot succulent Pot romantic form for plants wooden pots succulents Succulents in pots

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