The interior decoration with bamboo –

The interior decoration with bamboo

exotic partition between room and bath

Bamboo is a very common building material in Asian and tropical countries. It is often the preferred material home or public spaces that want sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Until recently, the bamboo was not as common in the West but the trends this year prove surprising. In fact, bamboo sticks climb on a pedestal and an interior lets win by their presence as aesthetic than functional.

bamboo rods give character to this bathroom

superb interior dotted wood accents and bamboo

Today, it is precisely these interiors we want to explore with you to share the benefits of introducing bamboo in your home. Beyond its structural properties, bamboo can also be used as a decorative element or, as in many of our examples, like wall between two rooms. Imagine a bedroom with an ensuite bathroom. Forget sliding glass surfaces and doors. Instead, think about open space, punctuated with a few bamboo stalks that serve as a room divider, while introducing an exotic touch to your room.

bamboo inlaid in a resin screen

original partition bamboo in resin

You can also opt for young bamboo shoots that will add a touch of freshness and greenery to any room. Hint: also play with lighting to highlight your plant. And for those who want to go to use bamboo for their furniture, a frame or a bamboo headboard will rage! Discover in pictures ...

part of the bamboo bed for durable support

Durable and rustic bamboo bed

the bamboo poles of the four-poster bed gives the decoration an exotic side

superb canopy bed with bamboo poles

bamboo sticks act as a railing unusual

beautiful bamboo railing rustic style

green and white decor, interspersed with bamboo accents

beautiful headboard bamboo

unprecedented serenity reigns in this decked bathroom young bamboo

Zen bathroom with young bamboo

spacious lounge punctuated by the young bamboo

large living room bamboo green button

wallpaper gives the illusion of a bamboo forest

bedroom with wallpaper trompe'oeil

bamboo plant backlit serene

bamboo rods behind glass balustrade

rustic bath with bamboo partition

Bamboo wall decorated with potted flowers -from

bathroom tropical style bamboo wall

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