Make a gift set for Valentine vintage –

Make a gift set for Valentine vintage

gift wrapping vintage valentine

To give a gift of Valentine's truly unique to your half, opt for thegift wrap Vintage. Its production does not require very particular materials or big time.

Take colored paper, make a special gift box or attach to gift a personalized tag. In this post you will find some DIY packaging ideas (do it yourself). Burlap or kraft paper are very suitable materials for such creations. The polymer clay is also a very popular solution currently. Use it for making gift boxes for example. Also you can convert matchboxes gift boxes: you just have to pack the pretty paper and decorate the mini flowers and / or decorative hearts. They are also very easy to manufacture from plain paper. You will see that the most banal objects like a chocolate bar can be completely transformed with a beautiful gift packaging. We hope the following suggestions will inspire you for this Valentine's Day!

Make a nice gift box for Valentine's Day

gift packaging boxes valentine

Decorate your package from a vintage greeting card

Gift cards vintage valentine

There are many solutions Deco festive cards

Gift cards vintage valentine

White and red are appropriate for Christmas, but also for Valentine's Day

white packing red valentine gift

Make a packing alluvial gold and decorate it with hearts in pink or red

alluvial gold gift box valentine

Use brown paper to wrap your gifts for Valentine's Day

gift wrapping paper valentine

Dare brilliant colors when shooting a vintage packaging

Packaging diy valentine gifts

Invent romantic messages

st valentine romantic gift pack

Here is the brainchild of newsprint packaging decoration

gift wrapping paper valentine

For your gift packaging opt for ribbons

pink ribbon romantic gift packaging

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