Christmas decorations with sled 32 ideas –

Christmas decorations with sled 32 ideas

christmas decorations deco exterior wooden sled ball ribbon flower crown christmas idea

What Christmas decorations choose for its interior and exterior? There are only three weeks before Christmas. Arriving in December, we begin to decorate our home and prepare for this warm family celebration.

The tree is, of course, the indispensable symbol every Christmas decoration. natural tree, artificial or alternative, its presence is important to get the Christmas spirit at home. What is another element that makes us think to December 25? Santa Claus ? And yes, Santa with his sleigh great and friendly reindeer. Today, we will examine how to decorate the inside and outside with small and large sleds without Santa, but sometimes with reindeer! Let our 32 original examples gallery:

Christmas decorations with sleigh 32 ideas Deco wooden sled noël bougie inside modern interior idea

Do you know the origin of Santa Claus? It would originate Saint Nicolas white beard and red coat. He underwent many transformations before becoming Santa Claus we know today. It was not until 1931 and the onset of Coca Cola! The US company asks Haddon Sundblom illustrate the old man drinking Coca Cola to regain strength for his job: the distribution of toys! This is also the reason why the children that drinking Coca Cola in winter. Haddon Sundblom dresses the brand colors: red and white. It was at that time appears the contemporary representation of Santa Claus. At first, this was not well accepted by the church because it replaced, gradually, that of the child Jesus. Over time, she was accepted and, nowadays, Santa Claus Coca Cola is the reference Father Christmas for many people around the world. Why is there a sleigh pulled by reindeer? This representation comes from the story of Clement Clarke Moore wrote in 1821, when the old man appears with his transportation and his friends reindeer. Discover Santa's sleigh in different shapes, sizes, color and materials and decorate your home in an original way:

Small decorated metal sleigh with Christmas balls

christmas decorations idea sleigh christmas balls

Christmas tree ornaments

Christmas tree decoration idea sled small design

Small wooden sled design

small wooden sled design idea modern Christmas decor

very original idea: wooden sled turned into storage shelf

sledge wood candle design decoration idea christmas diy original idea

What a good idea, is not it?

interior decoration idea christmas DIY design wooden sled idea candle christmas balls

wooden sleigh decorated with gifts, photo Fynes Designs

Christmas decorations idea deco wooden sled Christmas design

wooden sled for outdoor decoration

christmas decor design idea wooden sled

wooden sleigh decorated with large pine cones

Outdoor Christmas decorations idea pinecones wooden sled not expensive festive decor

Little Red Sled, idea Knick of Time

interior Christmas decorations idea candle decor christmas sled

Christmas decorations idea original wooden sled basket Red Chair Design

small wooden sled idea christmas decorations pine cones Santa Claus sleigh wooden home deco light string ribbon idea sled idea Outdoor Decor Christmas garland garden decor authentic wooden sled design idea christmas gift cheap Deco design outdoor decor idea christmas light string christmas gifts tree wood design interior Christmas decorations wooden sled idea bottle christmas decor inside wooden sled idea diy christmas decorations christmas idea entrance wood sleigh Santa Claus interior decoration idea christmas wreath candles christmas balls Christmas decorations idea wooden sled Christmas ball red white ribbon Christmas home interior wood design idea sleigh Santa Claus balls Christmas tree decoration idea wood sled light string christmas balls sled decor idea ribbon crown pine cones christmas decorations wooden sleigh ribbon design idea christmas treeChristmas decorations outside sled father christmas decoroutdoor Christmas decoration idea reindeer sleighs home decor partychristmas deco exterior wooden sled decoration idea christmas balls wooden sled ribbon deco christmas idea interior christmas ornaments balls decoration idea sled red balls Christmas tree ideas Outdoor Christmas decoration idea red ribbon design fir snowflakes

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