Hairstyle short hair wedding, get inspired! –

Hairstyle short hair wedding, get inspired!

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Bride, you have succumbed to the short hair cutting trends? Do not panic ! You do not need to wait to regrow hair or you use extensions for a perfect look on your wedding day.

For hairstyles for married woman after cutting trends and adapt to short hair.

Side hair short hair wedding, the most popular ideas are those for cuts to the square and the pixie cut.

As one can guess, these ideas are based largely on the most woman cuts hair short fashionable right now. Below, we offer a series of inspirations to enhance your bridal look with short hair wedding hair like this.

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Regarding hair short hair wedding accessories occupy a leading role. hair combs, crowns, tiaras, jewelry and veils are almost unavoidable. This is also what dictated our selection of bridal hairstyles ideas.

Hairstyle wedding hair short with floral crown


The floral wreath is a very popular wedding hairstyle for decorating option for both short styles for brides with long, shoulder-length hair. Flowers are a natural accessory available throughout the year. From a romantic and fresh appearance, it fit perfectly with the bohemian chic themed weddings, rustic and vintage.

Hair-of-marriage-breaker short-pixie-cut-pictures

Besides the natural flowers, there are also short hair wedding hairstyle options with decorations inspired by the floral pattern. Made of different materials, these bridal hair jewelry are often white. They will seduce those who would like to make their own wedding decorations. This is also a great option for decorating a winter wedding hairstyle.

Hairstyle short hair marriage with glitter or gold leaf

Accessories-hair-hair-marriage-breaker short-pixie-cut

Brides who have cut the pixie cut hair also have a wedding hair short very original option at the base of golden leaf. As one can guess, this is an idea inspired by fashion shows. It involves applying gold leaf tips on some of the hair; this decoration replacing the classic wedding hair jewelry.


Original and delicate, this idea is very suitable for short hair. This is because the short cuts highlight bursts of golden leaf.

Hairstyle short hair marriage with original jewelry

cut-short hair bride-hair-accessories-for-marriage

As we said, the original wedding hair jewelry is a way to beautify more a short cut. These accessories also give it a more glamorous and more festive look. Side jewelry for hair short hair wedding, the options are endless.


Some brides prefer to wear a large jewel while others rely rather for discreet accessory. Instead of the latter may also vary depending on the desired effect.

short hair wedding hair comb hair gilded-edge

Those who currently have a woman hair cut short the pixie cut will probably opt for a jewel that frames the face. As for brides with a blunt cut, they have several options. Longer square, also known under the name lob cutting, can be tied behind the head with a suitable jewel.

hair short hair wedding square-loop-jewelry-accessories-flower

As for the square or short curly rights, they will be even more stylish if they are accompanied by an accessory placed on one side of the hair.

Wedding hair accessory hair short-hair bride-flower

This idea of ​​floral-inspired jewelry is a great alternative to floral wreath. It is ideal for a formal event; we like also brought on the day of a winter wedding.

Hairstyle wedding hair short with tiara

wedding hairstyle hair cut short-pixie-crown-vintage

The wedding of Catherine Middleton and Prince William, there are now a few years, has inspired many designers to find models of dresses, hairstyles and original wedding accessories. The shape of the Duchess of Cambridge that day is a model for brides today.
Hair-of-marriage-woman-hair-cut-short pixie-comb crown

Therefore, it is not surprising that the look of Catherine Middleton has highlighted a somewhat forgotten accessory: the diadem. Accessory symbol of royalty once the crown jewel is a perfect hairstyle for short hair wedding. It is worn today gilded version, or silver; sometimes decorated with pearls or some other interesting stones. A very nice idea that will appeal to those who dream of a wedding fit for a princess!

Accessories for hair short hair wedding fabric

Hair-marriage-breaker to-short hair-style-vintage

Accessories for hair short hair wedding fabric take up the theme of the royal wedding. As the crown, they are inspired hairstyles of the past to emphasize the feminine beauty.

hairstyles-married-cut-short-hair-red jewels

Worn in the past with a hairstyle long hair bride, these accessories are now suitable for short cuts. They consist of headbands, sashes and tiaras small textile high quality. To give them an even more luxurious look, it adorns the jewelry or pearls.

Hair-bridal-vintage-cut-hair short loop

This type of accessory for hair short hair wedding is ideal for all occasions. They comes in official version, vintage, romantic or modern. To customize the type of fabric is carefully chosen, but also jewelry that will be decorated.

Jewelery hair short hair wedding shaped vine or comb

hair-cutter wedding-hair short square-waves comb crown

Of course, the best-known wedding hair jewelry are those shaped vine or comb. Both fit perfectly with a hairstyle inspired pixie cut short or long; they are also ideal for cuts to the right or curly square.


To select the best of this type bridal hair accessory, we think of her dress and the wedding theme decor. Not to pay attention to the rest of jewelry that will carry the day!

Idea short hair wedding hairstyles with veil and veil

idee-hairstyle-wedding-hair-short-cut inspirations

The veil and the veil are accessories that typically associated with the bride. So they are also necessarily present in our collection of hairstyles ideas for short hair wedding.

Hair-bridal-breaker short-pixie-short veil accessories

The sails have a mysterious charm. In the past, they were considered a symbol of the purity of the bride. And if the long veil is preferred by those with long hair, short veil and the veil are a nice option for short hair.

idee de-hair bride-breaker short-pixie-hair accessory veil

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