Deco marine cheap that will transport you to the edges of the blue sea –

Deco marine cheap that will transport you to the edges of the blue sea

Deco marine cheap garland-buoy-star-Sea

Summer is here and we feel increasingly at sea, sand and holidays. This is the right time to bring the atmosphere the blue expanse home. Whether you have a house on the sea or not, you can find this atmosphere with our suggestions Deco marine Cheap.

Feel free to have a look at our article to discover our ideas on this occasion.

Deco marine cheap sticker idea-wall-decoration

The key to cheap marine decoration is to mix the four main colors are blue, white, red and yellow. also bet on different textures, natural preference to complete your home project.

What do you think the decor not diving expensive?

Deco marine cheap briefcase-flops-decor-star

When we think of maritime design, reference is made to the sea, beach, seashells, starfish, sand, lighthouse, nets and ropes. That is why you can incorporate each of these elements to your interior or exterior space. The main purpose is to create a relaxed and sunny atmosphere.

Deco marine cheap chime-shells-wood suspended

Shellfish are an essential part of your maritime decor. You can use them for everything and anything. You can create your own chime that will remind you of the sea and the wind simply by making garlands of shells that you will unite together and hang on your wall. This cheap navy decor is ideal for any outdoor space to enjoy the magical sounds obtained through the light wind.

star-sea-color framework

You can also create your own wall decoration from simple wooden frames. Inside you can incorporate starfish, shells or anything referring to the sea. Do not hesitate to put colors to showcase your creation.


What more?

Nights along the sea remind us of the stars and the soft light obtained from candles. So, you can create your own lantern and candle holders. In the example below you can find against a hanging candle holder made from a glass jar, covered with fabric and jute thread. It hangs from the ceiling or wall with a rope. This idea diy only take a few minutes to realize it.

lantern suspended-sand-etoile

Another interesting idea made from a glass lantern white board. You can find it easily store and just customize your way. For once, you can add fine sand on which you can file a candle decorated with shells and starfish. Do not forget to add the color to be able to clearly define the decor put inside. A good idea would be to choose a blue candle.


Wood is one of the essentials for your navy deco cheap. It is a material often found along the beach, swaying in the sea. This simple composition can be detected in every interior room.

decoration-suspended garlands-child

If your children love the sea and want to enjoy it while throughout the year, you can create their maritime flair. To do this simply to develop hung garlands. You need fabric colors, thread, imagination and some knowledge in sewing. Thus, whales, fish, starfish and shellfish and can be part of the framework of their room.

Discover some ideas made from rope and jute yarn for a serene interior, inspired by the sea


If you want to postpone the maritime atmosphere in your living room, you can do so by dispersing some touches reminding you of the sea. It is important to keep the style of your interior. For that, you can bet on jute yarn and rope to add up all over your furniture and objects.

bedside lamp-wire jute

Take example on this lamp. It has almost every home. Even if you have not, you can buy a simple dress and jute line throughout the base foot. Observe - the effect is surprising and it does not take a lot of time and money.


Similarly, you can achieve the same idea with your mirror. This time, choose the rope to be able to show your creation. Choose a large or small mirror, and circle the rope that you will firmly stick to the edge of it. Hint: you can insert a few starfish or shells sticking them above the rope.


And finally, discover this original idea made from rope. This bath mat is simply achieved with a piece of string and glue. Just weave the rope of the shape you want and paste it all firmly for stability.

Check out some interesting ideas for your bathroom

shelves-wall-room bath

And in keeping with the tone of the theme, you can add shells and other elements of the marine theme on shelves of your bathroom. Bet on the blue and white reminiscent of purity, freshness and the blue ocean.


It is entirely possible to do the same in the toilet. Stay in the same nuances and the same decor elements for your two pieces remain in harmony.

mirror shells-diy-idee

By taking a frame or a mirror, you can decorate with shells, sawn glue.

pallet timber whale wall

Wood is one of the easiest elements to work. Take this example of whale, made from recovered wood pallets and on the wall.

wood-board-drawing and painting

Similarly, you can use a simple wooden plank that you can decorate and customize your way.


And do not forget the fishing net. This is one of exceptional items to find in each marine decor not expensive. For this project, it simply just hang the net along a wall and customize it to your tastes.

garlands tissue-jute-anchor

As you see, to conduct a marine decoration you do not need to spend much money and time. So grab your courage and get started!

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