How to use the floral pattern in the interior design –

How to use the floral pattern in the interior design

deco floral pattern interiure idea

For a large majority of the people floral pattern evokes the parlor of our grandmothers or vacation shirt. Yet the floral pattern can become a modern and original element of interior design.

In this article we will give you some hint how to use floral designs for your home:

1. Pay attention to the background because usually floral motifs in dark funds are real disasters. Go for something more airy and light.

The floral motif in the decoration of the bedroom

Deco room bedroom floral pattern

2. Floral patterns are very strong reasons and you should be careful not to do too much. Just select a floral element and use it as an accent for the rest.

3. If possible, avoid the floral wallpaper. It is outdated and most of the time the floral wallpaper is too heavy and difficult to combine.

modern rug with floral patterns

floral deco lounge motif rug

4. Consider the Asian designs when choosing your floral pattern. Lotus flowers and cherry blossoms are preferred elements of contemporary designers. It's fresh and simple.

5. Try anyway not to travel too far classics when you redecorate your home. Choose classical prints that will not be obsolete in a year as a standard and simple floral print. This is some thing that always find its place in interior decoration.

Decorating colorful and modern living

deco interior modern floral prints

Bedroom with floral bedding

deco room bedroom floral bedding

Wall decor with floral prints

Wall deco floral interesting

Deco salon with floral patterns in blue and white

deco lounge floral white blue

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