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A breath of art for home decor with table

Color Table Deco sofa

You want a new deco salon or upgrade the decor of your bedroom or your child's room? The deco table is a good choice that creates a special world and educates your children to art.

In interior design, it's not just the furniture and linens that count. Frames and tables dressed all living rooms. Rethink your kitchen decor, since the kitchen is today a real lifestyle. Spruce up your bathroom giving it a spa inspiration. With a printed wall art canvas or hand-painted, the decoration of the house is done from home. Boost your walls with our selection of paintings and paintings!

The table decor brings art to the salon

Deco industrial loft tables

Start now to prepare your wall decor. A table deco design or art photography, personalize your home to your image. Choose from the categories of abstract painting, modern painting, contemporary paintings to Nature picture categories, Zen painting, animals paintings. For a pop tart atmosphere, stylish setting illuminates the way Andy Warhol stay. For a Zen decor that invites you to travel, think about the landscape photo or flower in the bedroom. For deco vintage spirit Recycling in the kitchen and polished wooden frame will add character.

The kitchen also like this decorating style

Red kitchen with wall art Coca Cola

Arranged on a frame or framed, canvas sometimes iridescent metallic effect for a better hold on the eyes. The stretched canvas wooden frame give depth to the landscape photos, photos of flowers and African art. Travelers plébiscitent paintings illustrating the major capitals, while art lovers fill pictures of famous pictures. In addition, a slate sticker combines aesthetics and functionality in total relaxation.

discreet Triptique

dining room with a table decor

country corner

rustic area with table

Modern kitchen in purple

Contemporary kitchen with a table decor

Decorating the bedroom

Table in the bedroom

Table of New York in an apartment in New York

Modern painting in the bedroom

Many small famous paintings in the kitchen

Modern painting in the kitchen

A pirate for children

Children's room with a pirate table

very design picture in the kitchen

Modern kitchen with a picture on the wall Contemporary dining room Living room with table decoration abstract design Table colorful picture in the white living room Modern painting in the baby's room

Kitchen decorated with a mural Table Deco geometric at the show Modern painting pirate with child Table design in the living room

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