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design wall decoration – 20 examples DIY

tassels colored paper flowers effect

When we attack decorating our inside, we often forget a large area full of potential: the walls! sometimes there hangs a painting or some photo frames and the case is made ... Yet the design wall decoration has so much to offer and today, we are committed to inspire you with original examples, creative and above all cheap.

Design wall decoration with heart-shaped appliqué

perforated wall sconces shaped heart

Indeed, there is no need to have the means to have a custom interior, everything you'll need is a passion for DIY and a taste for DIY. The rest is up to us! The list of examples is endless but we can start with simple ideas and practices that revolve around recycling. An old shoe box can easily turn into design wall shelf, your collection of corks can become a highly original table, and if you are sentimental, you can frame all the keys you have kept your old apartment. Interesting, is not it?

DIY table made from corks

wall art with corks

Ideas do not stop there. If you have more soul handyman, you can create a set of giant scrabble to adorn your wall or make a work of art really surprising to basic toilet paper rolls (if possible, scroll down ...). The world of DIY has open arms, browse more ideas for your design wall decoration below…

partitions and pages of books on the wall for a bohemian look

pages of books and scores for a bohemian look

trimmed webs lips imprints

lips prints with red Canvas

bugs on the wall spell the names of the occupants

original wall art from bugs

thong trimmed Tillandisias art paintings, "air girls"

beautiful paintings and string art girls plants the'air

chevron patterned on golden paintings

herringbone pattern on golden paintings

DIY Design wall decoration with paper rolls

Design wall decoration with toilet paper rolls

black mini tables to draw with chalk

mini blackboards to draw with chalk

a puzzle paintings adorned with world maps

wall decoration shoeboxes shelves

wound wire to form a word

Design wall decoration with tape

mural design string art

a game of scrabble giant wall

wall decoration design effect fish scales

mirror design effect sun star

enclose the keys to your past

wooden skewers design as wall decoration

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