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14 ideas for a special Valentine Deco candles

original candlesticks DIY

Candles is nice for any occasion but on Valentine's Day is mandatory. What better way to create a romantic atmosphere at home? The decorative candles Valentine's Day, makes the atmosphere more intimate, more warm and cozy.

For the romantic dinner that light stimulates the passions. The question is to choose candles, candleholders and all the decor around. First, do not hesitate to put full everywhere. Small, large and especially pink color e red. If you want to add another touch of color, soft yellow, purple and green pastels blend well with pink and red. You can make original compositions with several candles in a corner of your living room. For example, you can make something beautiful with simple small tealights. Take a nice transparent container, pour water and float made of red rose petals. You put small candles lit and you get a wonderful decor candles. For more sophisticated candles, choose the most imposing chandeliers and a place in the circles of the table, it gives one side retro chic. Candles medium color and size would be even prettier with a DIY Deco. You can adorn the small garlands, beads, or simply dress color paper. Finally, decorate with candles as your crown Valentine you can put on the table. In all cases, candles for Valentine's Day there is never too much. Look at these pictures and get inspired for your decorative candles.

Compositions with original candles

Valentine candle with pearls

A decorative candles inspiration Valentinecandle Valentine rose petals

A simple and beautiful composition for romantic dinnerDecorative candles Valentine's Day dinnerSmall very romantic candlesValentine candles in candlesticks knittedA glass of water, a flower and a candlecandles Valentine decorationcandles decorated papercandles St. Valentine designA flaming heartcandles Valentine heart shapeA candle decoration for lovers

candles romantic ValentineOf cardboard container and pink

Deco design Valentine candlesA very original idea

Decorative candles Valentine

Decorative candles Valentine candle pretty

Decorative candles Valentine DIY

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