Deco pink EVJF or girl bachelor party

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If you or a close friend of you will get married, then you may also have to organize a EVJF - bachelorette party. In that case, forget the wedding dress and the wedding cake of toilet paper and be much more original!

First choose a theme because "bachelor girl" in itself is not a theme. Refleurissez on what you like or can be fun to do at a party. This decision will define the rest of your decor and will help you plan fun activities. If you choose not sample the theme "housewife of the 50s", then the wooden spoons, flogged and aprons will be perfect as a decoration. One thing alone is enough to give spirit to your party EVJF. One important thing - leave the preferred flow of the guest of honor guide your design.

Ideas for pink cocktails EVJF idee pink cocktails EVJF

The menu is also very important. Leave aside the sandwiches and cookies and reinvent the menu. For example, try to serve noodles takeaway boxes, bar Bloody Merrys with savory crepes and dials or even a barbecue buffet. You do not need to do a full menu. Start the party later in the day and have a champagne bar and chocolate if you are planning an elegant wedding.

In this article we offer you 17 ideas for the decor of bachelor party girl in pink. Because as we know pink is the color of the girls! But you can totally switch to another color and put into practice the ideas that inspire you. Have fun!

Table decoration for the girl bachelor party deco pink FVJF idea

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Floral Centerpiece elegant table decoration party

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Trim Decoration deco elegant party idea

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