15 Christmas gifts – original gifts high tech

Christmas gift ideas for speakers

Not yetChristmas gift ideas to please your loved ones this year? We are certain that you do not want to just buy something but instead you certainly seek an original gift that will please your loved ones?

But how to choose THE gift as he has so many choices in the store? Do not despair - we're here to help!

These original hand warmers shaped snowmen are part of our original Christmas gift ideas

Christmas gift ideas for high tech hand warmers

Water Dancing Speakers

These speakers that you have never seen before are truly extraordinary. When you put the music of fountains illuminated by LED lights explode inside the speakers to give you a show hypnotisant.Trouvez them on the site red5.co.uk

Heater snowman-shaped hands

These snowmen are an easy way to warm his cold hands winter. What lies inside is metal disk that produces a chemical reaction that warms your hands. Find the still on red5.co.uk

Watch sci-fi

A watch and futuristic design with LED lights by the Japanese Kisai will make even the most pretentious pleasure. Treat your loved ones with this design gift.

Find these and many other ideas Christmas gift ideas original images:

Watch sci-fi LED by Kisai

Christmas gifts watch

These magnetic beads are an original gift that can calm even the most nervous of you

Christmas gift ideas - Ball

LED bracelets which measure the pulse

Christmas gifts - bracelets

Digital recorder - a practical gifts

Christmas gift ideas - USB recorder

To never part with his phone - a waterproof case

Christmas gift ideas - phone case

This Bluetooth headset is the biggest fans of music by gizmodo

Christmas gift ideas - headphones

For your mobile - speaker induction

Christmas gift ideas senior speaker induction

A gadget - Telephone Ice red design by Ice Christmas gift ideas icephone

original atria zipped

Christmas gift ideas zipped atria

For fans of the iPhone - a panel retro to be different

Christmas gift ideas retro panel

Laser pen beautiful and practical Christmas gift ideas laser pen

A tetris that lights your home anyone?

Christmas gift ideas illuminating tetris

USB fan-shaped flower

Christmas gift ideas USB Flower Fan