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original wedding cake to dazzle his guests

wedding cake original ideas-models

Organize your wedding involves a lot of preparation steps. We think its look and its accessories, choosing a theme for decorating his party objects to embellish his table and space for the celebration.

But what we often tend to forget is that the wedding menu is also part of the decor.

Select an original wedding cake to impress his guests

original wedding cake decoration, floral-white

The colors, decorations, tastes and aromas have the ability to influence the mood of your party. And if that principle applies to all of the dishes that will be served, it is one that is very special and deserves special attention: the cake. Select an original wedding cake according with the theme of decor you have in mind is wow your guests and ensure you success. Let's see some original wedding cake ideas for the most popular party themes now.

original wedding cake for a chic bohemian themed party

flowers original wedding cake-style-boho-chic

The bohemian chic wedding theme is one of the most popular options for the period of spring and summer. Give the look of your wedding cake with this theme and you get a result succeeded in many respects. The bohemian chic decor does not lack originality itself. Creative and clever, it best reflects the personalities of the two married.

original wedding cake-style bohemian-chic flowers

The same applies to the wedding cake inspired by this style. Full of colors and hippie chic patterns, it is also often adorned with varied floral ornaments.


Opt for a top decorated with an original floral composition or, if you dream of a cake of a remarkable height, try a string that spans all floors.

cake-of-marriage-bohemian-chic edge

The macramé is a typical accessory themed weddings boho chic. But did you know that it can be part of decorating your cake? Above, an example of a sweet treat in pastel tones inspired by the decorative accent.

cake-of-marriage-original-white pen-storey

The bohemian chic decor abounds in color. For this reason, an original wedding cake can also bet on a surprise by being made entirely in white. But beware, for there is no shortage of personality, consider adding a few interesting details, like a sweet wreath shaped feathers!

Idea original wedding cake for a chic romantic theme meals

cake-wedding-theme-vintage roses

In search of idea of ​​original wedding cake for a party under the auspices of Valentine's Day? If you think your choice is limited, take a glance at the images below!

wedding cake-original pink-theme-romantic

Imagine an original wedding cake does not always mean improvise on all elements of his dessert. Thus, for a romantic theme party, one can easily bet on the color pink. In this case, it's the details that need to be chosen carefully.

wedding cake-decoration-floral-example

So, you have the freedom to invent a creative design with really impressive accents. The large size flowers are very pretty and equally spectacular option.


wedding side of colors and decorations, all solutions are allowed, including the white color with pink accents (very) large format!


You do not want a dessert completely pink? So why not try a cake in two colors, white and pastel pink? Good to know: the result would be even more interesting if you choose a wedding cake of three or more storeys.

Original Wedding cake for a decoration around one or several colors


Opting for a decoration around a color or combination of colors is easy organization of his party. And since all of your decor will be dictated by the colors in question, so find a cake idea in the same spirit! Dessert on the picture above and would suit a wedding decor around the red and white.


For pastel shades themed party, out of the ordinary and invent an original wedding cake a little more bright colors. It should therefore examine the color palette already chosen and find similar shades release a little more daring.


Black and white cakes are always impressive. They are a perfect addition for decoration in these two colors. But they also would grant with a party in shades of beige and similar shades.


You organize a glamorous wedding and you wonder how to reflect this theme on your menu? Opt for bright colors, like gold and silver. In the image above, a wedding cake on three floors influenced by the art deco style. These ornaments combine touches of gold and black color that echo the floral siding.

What themed wedding cake decor vintage?


The vintage decor seems to inspire more and more couples who dream of a special day and want a fun and relaxed celebration. If you go to this wedding theme, imagine an original cake decorated with flowers and retro patterns. The pearls, timeless, are a first option.

cake-of-marriage-original-style-vintage yellow

Peas, associated with wild flowers and a color style 1950s or 1960s, such as yellow on the picture above, produce an unexpected and very friendly indeed. Moreover, this type of wedding cake is not only reserved for vintage-style celebrations. It will also appeal to those who dream of a themed wedding country chic!

Original decoration for a Moroccan wedding cake


The Moroccan wedding and Oriental celebrates the colors and exotic flavors. To design the perfect wedding cake for such an opportunity, we will look for ideas in the traditions and architecture of the country. We will use typical forms of buildings or held in this part of Africa. And above all, we will not hesitate to match its impressive dessert and typical nuances of the landscape!


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