Style chic campaign for an authentic and warm inside –

Style chic campaign for an authentic and warm inside

chic bed campaign deco wall cushions idea minimalist gray mat

Want to create a chamber chic country style ? Here is a selection of examples and tips to follow during the construction and decoration of interior in this interior design style.

Check out our gallery of 20 examples and find original ideas to recreate a country style to your room.

The country chic style favors wood and natural materials

style country chic decoration idea plant white linen mat wooden table

Scandinavian design is inspired by nature and the northern forests. For this reason, it is often associated with country style rustic wooden furniture, natural materials and neutral monochromatic color, plant decoration, soft and discreet light (usually with candles). The closer to nature, the better. This style emphasizes the materials and natural materials such as wood and wool. It is simple and unlike the minimalist, clean lines are not required. It leaves a little more freedom in terms of design and has no strict rules.

Interior country chic style with significant executive decoration

country chic style design idea bedroom decor wall mats

If you have a large space, you can also install a fireplace. A mat with floral designs or graphic patterns for a contemporary and minimalist style is always welcome. For your bed, blanket and some cotton wool cushions will do! The vintage look is also present - preferably opt for antique and handcrafted wooden furniture. For the modern side, you can invite the art on your walls by installing one or more arrays of modern and abstract art.

Textures wool and soft light

campaign-style bedroom bed luminaire suspension white mat

Imagine yourself in the country ... What is often done during a long walk in the forest? We made small bouquets of fresh flowers! And here is our suggestion decorating style chic country.

Floral decoration room decor idea campaign style

The campaign style, like the industrial style includes wall finish for an authentic side. As in the example below with this brick wall:

industrial touch with brick wall

country style bedroom wall brick modern idea development

Night industrial style tableroom modern industrial style design idea Deco table lamp

rustic wood furniture, curtains and bed linen with floral patterns rustic country style room bed design idea wooden bench white and elegant interior Modern white interior room bed sliding door

elegant chandelier candlestick idea Deco room bed floor mats wood chair idea management campaign bed two wooden seats brick wall wooden bench room bed design idea deco lighting design slurry bed pillows table wall idea idea wooden chair mats country chic style wooden wall luminaire idea planning floor mats idea modern rustic bedroom design ceiling luminaire cushions Original country style bedroom idea wood floor luminaire design carpet Rustic mat room idea deco chandelier lighting

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