DIY pots for indoor plants hanging upside –

DIY pots for indoor plants hanging upside

house plants'intérieur avec pots DIY

Tempest from Ellomennopee is an artist, blogger and PhD student in Britain. It achieved an extraordinary DIY project, installation of indoor plants hanging upside down.

She chose her bathroom because it's a place where very few plants can survive. Pots for hanging houseplants are also a find of this student. She used the caps shampoos that have a rounded tip in order to serve pots. Everything then we need is to rope, spray paint, a nail, a hammer and a needle to pierce the tip of the lid and pass the rope. Thus, these DIY pots for indoor plants do not return dear to you and you have at the end a small indoor garden hanging in the air. The most suitable plant for this lifestyle is the tillandsie and in general the plant family epiphytes. These air plants do not need soil, do not require much care and so are perfect for apartment dwellers in the city. In the bathroom, you can drizzle a bit of a shower and that is enough.

houseplants suspended in the air

house plants'intérieur suspendues en air

Here is the list of what you need:

  • own plastic lids, with rounded corners
  • rope
  • of spray paint color of your choice
  • Plant
  • a hammer and a nail to pierce the lid

Your turn now !

Gather all the tools and materials

manufacturing hand plant pots
Make a hole in the middle of the end cover

manufacturing plants hanging pots handCover the paint lids

DIY spray covers for potsPull the string and tie the roots of the plant with

plants for inside homeHang the plant from the side of a window for more light

pots hanging plants DIY It is done !

plants of'interieur-suspendues-envers

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