The charm of Christmas decoration ideas vintage 25 –

The charm of Christmas decoration ideas vintage 25

Traditional fireplace decorated tree ornaments Christmas Atmosphere

The Vintage Christmas decoration is a wonderful idea for a change the party atmosphere this year. Back to the old atmosphere will make you feel this magic party in a new way that you do not have imagined!

Vintage, traditional style and somewhat forgotten is always so elegant as it was last century and even today when we see increasingly fir storms, pink or neon yellow.

Traditional festive atmosphere with classic ornaments in red and white

Traditional festive atmosphere fir fireplace classical ornaments in red and white

Take a look at our inspirational ideas and try to do the same at home. Blue, silver, brown, black and gold are the colors to consider - nothing shocking Christmas decoration vintage. No matter if it is the table decoration or ornaments fir, stay in the classic, let off the extravagant this year. The old elements, which may seem banal, like snowflakes are entirely accepted, if you find lace, the vintage look is assured.

Christmas decoration with vintage DIY jars

Christmas decoration white vintage jars DIY items

And last but not least, are the fresh branches that will be perfect and sublime décor of any room in your home. In the living room around the fireplace and decorated with the ornaments of your grandmother - that's what creates the real atmosphere of family celebration. What are you waiting for looking for old boxes in the attic?

Great idea for decoration of the fireplace with real branches

Great idea for decoration of the fireplace old vintage Christmas branches

Another example of deco traditional fireplace

Another example of the decorative fireplace'ancienne charme de fête Noël

The brown and silver items are a great choice

silver brown table elements are a great choice Deco Christmas party to end'année

The timeless classic - Christmas crown The eternal classic vintage deco style Christmas wreath

Antique ornaments hanging on your plants is also an original idea

christmas decoration vintage antique ornaments hanging plants brainchild

Small black items that are not obvious

Black Christmas items that are not obvious elegance class decoration

A typical corner with Christmas tree

atmosphere typical corner with Christmas tree crowns windows

Small lights will be appreciated by everyone

elegant home decor christmas little lights are appreciated all

christmas deco house lace snowflakes

Christmas decoration with vintage'ancienne branches réelles

Beautiful authentic decoration for cooking green branches

Christmas decorative candles and mini trees are a great design

Deco idea to hold lantern filled with Christmas balls'ornements

Deco wrapping paper for Christmas vintage look antique lace ribbon

Stylish Idea with delicate ornaments Vintage Christmas decor

Combination blue ribbon pine apples Christmas spirit

Deco easy delicate christmas lights on the tree are always in fashion

Christmas festive spirit boxes in'anciennes remplies de gâteaux

great vintage Christmas decoration branches with candles

Mixture of'ancien moderne vintage déco couronne Noël

Christmas wreath framed in blue family party atmosphere

Deco beautiful vintage vibe family party branches table candles

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