Decorating Ideas with apples: the mythical fruit –

Decorating Ideas with apples: the mythical fruit

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The apple is one of the most consumed fruits in the world. On the sweet taste or acid green or red, there are several varieties. In addition, the apple contains essential antioxidants to be fit and healthy.

Its nutritional qualities are well known. And its decorative qualities? Discover our selection of 50 decorating ideas apples to find useful ideas how to introduce this element into your home. That symbolizes the apple? After reading these lines, you will not see the apple in the same way ...

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Dating from the time of Adam and Eve, the apple is loaded with symbolism and history. It appears on earth there are more than 80 million years. The Neolithic man is the first to have enjoyed the delicious taste of the apple. It was he who introduced the potato to Europe and later worldwide. At the time of Ancient Greece, we already distinguished six different varieties of apples as the Odyssey character, the famous poem of Homer, called "fine fruit."

Decorating Ideas with red and green apples

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In the Roman Empire, there is already a distinguished trentainede varieties. At the end of the 16th century, there were more than a hundred. In the 19th century that the apple is a great success. France plays a major role in the multiplication of varieties. It is the apple of the Golden Age: wide distribution and more than 527 varieties of more tasty. Today that number rises to six thousand!

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What symbolizes the apple? This is certainly the mythical and mystical fruit par excellence. It is present everywhere: in religion, art, physics, history, folklore and medicine.

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Until the Middle Ages, the apple is seen as the tree of temptation. In the Bible, the fisherman tree is an apple tree. Some admit that it probably is a bad translation. In Latin, there is even an apple analogy (malum) and bad (malus). The apple is also closely linked to the woman, roundness, fullness, her perfume, her skin smooth and soft.

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Apple also symbolizes wisdom and supreme power. It is even a symbol of immortality in the North of mythology. The Nordic gods drink apple juice to remain immortal. For some it even represented the globe. Everyone knows the story of Newton's apple. An apple falls on the head of the young scientist, which aid to deduce the law of gravitation.

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The apple is also strongly present in the collective imagination. Several phrases like "apple," the apple does not fall far from the tree "," be in apples "are not part of the long list. After this little cultural visit, be sure to observe the apple as a decorative object in its various states. Good visit !

Table decoration with green and yellow apples

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The apple in all its states decorationgreen apples decorating ideas

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