Deco Christmas to yourself: 75 original fir ideas for you –

Deco Christmas to yourself: 75 original fir ideas for you

Christmas crafts deco pen white fir

This large folder is dedicated to the Christmas decor to yourself. If you like DIY ornaments, explore these 75 images of very original to make firs! Christmas tree decoration is undoubtedly one of the best traditions of the holiday season.

This is an opportunity for families to get together and have fun together around the tree that symbolizes the joyful spirit and sharing associated with the Nativity. Today, many French families choose to install their Christmas decorations, including Christmas tree, early enough to enjoy it longer.

Deco Christmas to yourself: small original fir in red paper

DIY tutorial christmas red fir

By their Christmas tree at the end of November or early December, several French households also prefer to buy an artificial tree. Behind this decision, there are often practical reasons: the artificial tree is, of course, much more durable than the "real" Christmas trees; it can also stay indoors for an indefinite period.

Deco Christmas to yourself: original fir paper

Christmas tree decorations activities

But despite these advantages, artificial trees, widely sold in shops, are less and less popular, as they are often considered less aesthetic than natural trees. The original fir to make yourself are a friendly and inexpensive alternative to these solutions.

Example of wall Christmas tree garland of pompoms

Deco Christmas to make yourself fir-no-price-ideasIn recent years, the original trees manufacturing ideas of this kind are very trendy. They are found in large numbers on the canvas. Paper, wood, fabric or metal ... They offer unique design possibilities and attractive for those who love DIY. Here is the tutorial for a project of this kind that we liked especially.

Deco Christmas to yourself: easy paper tree

Christmas decoration to do oneself tree modern design

This project Lisa and Sarah's blog A Spoonful Of Sugar is the manufacture of small paper ornaments in the shape of Christmas trees. It is easy to make and extremely fun because it involves very few operations that are also quite simple. To achieve this, you will need a Styrofoam cone with a size of your choice, paper molds for cupcakes (multicolored preferences or coloring) and pins.

Deco Christmas to make yourself: tutorial paper tree

Christmas decoration to make yourself small red and white firs

Before you start making your Christmas trees, make sure you have all the necessary materials on hand. Then, get started in your project by removing the bottom of a mold to cupcakes and repeat this process until you have a sufficient number of mussels ready to attach to the polystyrene cone. The number of molds used in the manufacture of small pines on the picture above is twelve. Also remember to leave out at least one or two full molds that will be needed to make the top of your mini tree.

Eco Christmas Tree Model paper

Deco Christmas to make yourself small-pines-christmas-paper

Then secure each of the molds polystyrene cone by means of pins, starting from the bottom and moving upwards. The lower part of the cone is wider, you'll need two or three paper cups for cover; for the upper one will suffice. Make sure that the visible parts of the cone and pins are completely covered paper.

Deco idea of ​​Christmas to make yourself: large paper tree

artificial christmas tree decoration idea

To make the top of your mini tree, cut in half the mold you kept whole, then fold in half. Next, fold all sides by imitating the shape of a cone and place the latter mold to the top of your tree, securing by means of pins or glue. You can also draw inspiration from this project to create a Christmas tree larger, using a cardboard cone and gift paper, for example.

DIY Christmas tree paper - a cheap and ecological solution

Deco Christmas to make yourself christmas tree-cone-paper

The paper fir DIY models are among the most popular and numerous. And this is due to a simple reason: they are very cheap and very easy to make yourself. Even inexperienced DIYers are getting along without problems! You will find in the gallery at the end of this article, a variety of paper fir models to try.

Example tree Christmas paper for DIY original wall decoration

Deco Christmas to do yourself-fir-ecological model

And precisely this is a project fast and easy DIY. It is to make a Christmas tree decorative wall with a poster and a garland. To do this, get a poster with Christmas tree (to print or buy) a rope of adhesive paper, stars and snowflakes. Secure the post to the wall using the adhesive and create a garland by threading the stars and snowflakes on the wire.

original wall decoration DIY Ideas for Christmas wood

Deco Christmas to make yourself fir-wall-slate

Make an original Christmas tree to decorate its walls, it can also be done with a few shelves and a wall painted slate color. Try this project by providing you with 4 shelves, the size of which take the form of a classic Christmas tree (see example image above). Then decorate the shelves with garlands, stars and crowns. Enjoy the chalkboard paint to complete the look of your Christmas tree with chalk!

Deco Christmas to make yourself: fir wood, natural and original

deco christmas fir wood

Like DIY decor and natural materials? In this case, you will definitely fall for our idea of ​​DIY Christmas fir wood! It is reproduced with thirty tree trunks. One starts by cutting the tree trunks; then cover lacquer that guarantees a long life. Then allowed to dry before attaching the trunks on his wall!

Christmas decoration to make white firs

And if all these were not enough idea, be sure to discover the collection of models and decorative Christmas DIY tutorials to oneself, in the following gallery.

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