Deco Modern Christmas? Here are some inspiring compositions –

Deco Modern Christmas? Here are some inspiring compositions

Deco de Noel-design-modern-retro

This is it, Christmas is coming and it is time to think about decorating the house. You want to totally change of decor or on the contrary, you have a good stock of everything you need in your basement.

In all cases, it is always fun to renew its decor updating what we already have with new elements. Today we propose to go around the Deco Modern Christmas and tend to prepare for a night of Eve not like the others.

From the atmosphere rhinestones and sequins to more sober and metallic tones, we have something for everyone. Get inspired new trends currently mounted and your Christmas will be unforgettable. Enjoy the photos below and let your imagination. And know that in terms of decoration, the number one rule is ... there are no rules. Choose what you like and what pleases you, that's all that matters.

Rich patterns for Noël

You are attracted to the traditional colors - red, green and white. And you're right, there is nothing more comforting than a lounge with these rich festive colors. If you have your decorating last year you can still brighten with alterations and new items a little unexpected. For example, these bright colors suspensions play the central role in this deco salon in red and white. [Globally Gorgeous] The decor modern Christmas can not do without.

A modern Christmas decor: red and white everywhere

Modern white red Christmas decoration

Modern Christmas design can be created by unexpected tones, like precious stones. Remember to introduce elements to metallic shades, reflective surfaces and amethyst purple hues. The result will be stunning. [House to Home]

Design colored gemstones

Christmas decoration modern color precious stones

Colors candy is also the spirit of Christmas. Evoke the magic of childhood, highlighting those joyous ornaments hung on a fancy ribbon. Presented properly, these vintage deco some will even seem appetizing. [From CB2]

The candy colors are blowing wind child

Modern design childhood Christmas decoration

Remember that there are complementary shades like turquoise blue that brings to your home modern Christmas a vintage touch. Below, we see the garland DIY Mini Present Garland Oh Happy Day. It's so charming and romantic than it is worth to make either yourself, especially when the end result is so exciting.

Vintage Christmas Wreath

Christmas decoration wreath Modern Vintage

The decor in metallic colors

For some, Christmas is the time of the reign of colors for other glamorous metallic shades depict the dazzling brilliance and magic of winter light. In the next picture we see the deco platinum reflections, copper and chromium, which combined refer to the dazzling and sparkling effect of the ice. [House to Home]

A modern Christmas decor: platinum reflections, copper and chromium

Christmas decoration metallic gray

Metallic shades are particularly lovely in a home interior with the dominant gray. The mixture of gold and silver adds depth and accentuates the whole, however, very neutral. [West Elm]

Ornamentation in gray, gold and silver

Deco white gold silver Christmas

Remember to present the same patterns in gold and silver for decoration of your table's Eve - plates, dishes, candle holders, placemats, paper tissues. These reflections sunny moderate the bright colors of ornaments in the room, without diminishing the overall effect. Below, we see the table decor designed by Crate & Barrel.

Christmas table with metallic colors

Christmas table metallics

Metallic shades are the perfect backdrop to stage crystal color accents with transparency effects, as seen with this bouquet winter branches. It is remarkable how the gilded mirror frame and reasons strikingly contrast with the icy tone of the whole. That's really a Christmas trend. [Home for Christmas]

Branches and silver Christmas color crystal suspensions

Christmas decoration color crystal money tree

In your living room, do go light with Gold Metallic Z Gallery Branches. The rods are wrapped with small LED lights, which intensifies the brightness of the room feasting.

Metal design: golden branches and illuminated for your deco modern Christmas

Deco metal branches Christmas gold design

The metallic trend can also play glittering accents of color as snow at West Elm. The shimmering shades go perfectly with velvety nuances such as with this crown of snowy feathers.

Crown snowy feathers

Christmas wreath trend white feathers

On the composition below the tables face and snowy white shades are the background that enhances the gold ornamentation accents and silver. We especially appreciate those golden balls hanging on white trees on each side of the room. [Z. Gallery]

The snow white blends perfectly with metallic colors

Christmas Tree gold silver snow

Wood accents and Nature

You are most kind rhinestones and sequins? Go for a festive decor with wood and natural flavors, like these Cheap Wood Trees. Do not think the decor a bit sober forbidden to set more flamboyant accents. As you see, the golden shades go perfectly with the wooded decorates. [West Elm]

The pure wood design

Design Christmas decor wood

Organic materials

For a Deco Modern Christmas inspired by organic matter, look at this picture. This Christmas wreath is made with branches of vines and artificial snow upturn. [Crate & Barrel]

Christmas wreath vine branches

Modern Design Christmas crown branches

Do not add frost effects on the branches and then buy decorative items that already have free. Pottery Barn in the Birch candles covered freezes have this glittering effect.

Birch wooden candles

Decorative Christmas candles birch wood

Combine the woody notes with a variety of different textures and finishes. Here we see a collection of Christmas ornaments sunny as the Gilded Star Tree Topper in the right corner at the bottom. That craft room is a star made of twigs, covered with gold dust. [West Elm]

wooded and natural materials Buttons

Christmas Decoration natural materials

For a joyful and colorful decor

With so many styles and trends in fashion, many people want to introduce a little of everything in their Christmas decor. Why not. This is what Martha Layton Smith has done with his Christmas tree. His color compositions are inspired by artist Kim Parker. We loved the rainbow sky bright colors covering the tree and how the ornamentation contrast with the white color of the tree. [OPENDOOR Studio]

Tree colored rainbow sky for Deco Modern Christmas

Christmas tree balls bright colors

Want a key to neon colors and flashy? Add it to your decor modern Christmas. There is nothing better than the acid green and fuchsia to blow the background. [House to Home]

neon colors and flashy

Christmas tree flashy neon colors

Very sophisticated, style, all glass and transparency is always trend. This is the case of these clear and transparent suspensions illuminating glass in Ambrosia Creative. With the faded effect sought by the artist you get the decor you like.

Christmas balls in transparent glass and faded

washed clear glass Christmas balls

Choose surprise! Take metal balls son and make a wreath with bright colors. Cover the entire light strings. You will have success, it is a decoration that flashy. [CB2]

Crown balls colorful

Disign Noëlcouronne son iron balls

We will finish with a nod to those who like to keep it simple and not too much to bother with Christmas decoration. Buy a fake Christmas tree and install proudly in the center of the lounge, with its glass balls and bright colors. As at Urban Outfitters.

A modern Christmas decor and simple

Deco Design Christmas artificial tree

Of all these different styles of decor modern Christmas, which you touch the heart? Do you prefer colorful metal ornamentations, nature or trend? If you have made up your mind, share it with us.

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