DIY Halloween decoration idea – DIY tutorials and tips to make yourself –

DIY Halloween decoration idea – DIY tutorials and tips to make yourself

DIY Deco Halloween pumpkins, autumn beet and cabbage-halloween

October 31 approaching and it is time to think of decorating that will accompany your Halloween party. Young and old, all rejoice! Weeks and weeks before that stores are filled with costumes and decorations for the big day.

But why spend so much money, so we can make our own DIY Halloween decor. In addition, it is not complicated. One or two weekends is all you need to tinker extensively and have the desired haunted house.

And we're here to help! This article is dedicated to you. We will present some ideas

DIY Halloween decor

you can discover images. Watch our tutorials and our tips and you can do alone or with family wonders. In most of our tutorials you'll find decorations made from recycled objects. We will show that we can save money while staying green!

DIY Halloween decor door entrance-decoration-idea

Before starting your Halloween decor projects must focus on a subject. Want a decoration rather creepy, scary or cute? Of course, this does not prevent you to mix styles. What are the essentials for your DIY Halloween decor? When one refers to Halloween, it immediately makes reference pumpkins, spider webs, ghosts, candles and candy.

idee decoration-pumpkin-house

Let's start with the pumpkin, symbol of this great celebration of 31 October. What is Halloween without that element of decoration? Everyone, even a child, can create a Halloween pumpkin.

First, it is quite necessary to buy a large pumpkin at the market. More is smoother, it will be easy to work. Then you have to provide yourself with a knife out strong teeth. For starters, you have to dig pumpkin with a spoon. Pick one solid and thick well as there will be work to do! To do this, wash the pumpkin in water and draw the outline of the hat pumpkin, right above, using a felt. Now you are ready to empty. It is important to all otherwise empty pumpkin may rot. In addition, the more it is thin and more light will pass.

Hint: Do not throw all that is inside. You can use the flesh of the pumpkin to make a good homemade soup or a cake. Also note that the seeds are delicious when roasted in the oven and ideal for an aperitif.

Once this is done, draw patterns by contours above and cut them with your knife teeth. If ever you take part by accident, put it there using toothpicks. Once done, you can file a candle. Expose your pumpkin out, so it will last longer and will not attract gnats.


Remaining in the same spirit, we can make full DIY Halloween decoration with pumpkins, as you can see in the picture above. In this case, choose pumpkins smaller and hang them to each other using toothpicks. Otherwise, use your imagination.


Trick or treats !

Tradition says that the night of Halloween children dressed in costumes go door to door demanding candy. First popular in USA and UK water, today one finds more and more children in the streets of France. This tradition has become so contagious that more and more people think to decorate their homes both inside and out. And those who have gardens are mixed further, by creating fake graveyards, ghosts and skulls as it scare away evil spirits.

idee-candy-bowl Pumpkin

But when the little monsters arrive outside the front door, we take to be prepared to avoid nasty pranks. The day before Halloween is a real madness. Everyone throws to buy sweets. But how to offer them to children?

Here's a novel idea DIY Halloween decor to realize in no time

The principle is simple. Buy a medium sized pumpkin. Have a strong hand to cut it in half, if possible with a saw. Then, drain and add-there are all the candy it can hold. And the rest ... it is obviously eats!

bowl candle lantern mummy

Let's go to some small items deco DIY Halloween to achieve for our outdoor space. For starters we offer all that is most simple - jar decoration. We all have old jars in closets. It is time to take them out! You can do wonders with - ghosts, pumpkins, zombies, mummies and more.

In the case of the photo above, the jars were wrapped in a simple white paper and were drawn to black markers. Add a small candle to create a mysterious atmosphere.


And speaking of plug, we'll show you how to make a candle sobbing. These candles decorations are really easy to achieve as Halloween decor last minute. We use two different types of wax to give the impression that regular white candle is bleeding and when the lights are off and the candles are lit, they are rather frightening. In this case, a red candle is used for "blood." Place the red candle in a pot and heat over medium heat. Watch carefully until the wax is completely melted, then pour the wax slowly on the edges of your basic white candle. Easy, right?

web-spider-idea decoration

Spider webs are an important part of Halloween decor. In this case, you would need a simple thread color you want. Cut the string into two by positioning the horizontal and vertical manner, so that they intersect. Tie a thread in one of the crossing angles. This must go outward. Repeat and forth with three more strings. To build your spider web, form a spiral around the node to node rays.


If you look closely at the photo-cons you would see that it is very simple.

decoration-chair paper ghost

decoration-door entry-balloons

wreath decoration-home paper


idea-carrier entry-body



finger witch-idea-paste



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