Nail original art for Halloween: be nice to your fingertips! –

Nail original art for Halloween: be nice to your fingertips!

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Halloween is coming soon and we think more and more to the preparations that go with it. And if you are not willing to dress up in skeleton or witch, nothing prevents you to bet on a nail manicure.

And to help you find ideas, we're here. Yes ladies, this article is for you.

The following article is devoted to an unusual manicure - nail the original art for Halloween!

You will discover what is the semi-permanent manicure and we will plunge our gaze through 20 sample images of amazing nail.

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At the end of the summer season, we are looking for new ideas manicure. And for those with celebrated on 31 October, the choice is great! During the Halloween party, you want everything to be perfect - to the fingertips. Some examples of original art nail simply require polish and a brush. However, for others who are more complicated, the gel nail method is the best technique to use.


Many of these ideas are associated with Halloween because of the shape, color or design on each nail.

Some women prefer long and sharp nails that remind them of those of a witch. Others rely on the orange referring to the symbol of the festival: the pumpkin. But also, the color combination is also very important. Red is associated with blood, while the black associates with scary nights.


Let's start with a fairly simple nail design, but elegant and in the spirit of Halloween. This original art nail is entirely possible to be done at home. And for that, you should bring with you polish the corresponding colors and a brush. You can draw scars on each nail or nails choice.

nail witch-motif-pointed

Those who already have long, sharp nails have a great advantage because they can easily turn into a perfect Halloween manicure. However, even if you have short nails, you can make a nail original art by reminding the nails of the witch. And for proof, take a look at the photo above. This nail design is easy and quick to perform. Just provide yourself with a protective base, a clear varnish and black nail polish to form triangular patterns.

Hint: have perfect nails, it's not easy. So if you are afraid of failing, use a card that will define accurately the features of your motives


It is known that most women prefer the French manicure

Conventionally, the French manicure is to trace the white polish along the tip of the nail. As for the rest of the nail, it is colored in nude tones, beige or pink. Today, there are more and more original versions declined the French manicure. Traits of all colors that replace white, patterns and bases in other shades. We must simply respect the principle of departure: apply the varnish which defines the tip of the nail.

french-semi-permanent manicure

Some reasons are easy to make at home. For others, it would be better to go to the semi permanent method, what nail gel. If you stop this manicure technique, you will see that the patterns are easier to achieve for the paint to dry nails in seconds. Moreover, it takes much longer.


But ultimately, what is a nail original art performed with gel polish?

First, be aware that when we talk of gel polish, it comes to acrylic polymer material color. The difference between this nail polish and the conventional varnish is that it is thicker, only bright and dry under a UV lamp.

Now you do not have to make your gel nails in institute. Many women have their own UV lamp and polish to match. As the installation of conventional varnish, again li must take care of the nails before starting anything. Must push back the cuticles and lightly filing the nail surface in order to allow the gel to adhere to it properly.


When the design is happening in each nail, it will have to pass the nail under UV lamp after each color channel. And to remove it, simply wrap the foil with a little acetone on your fingers and remain so for a good fifteen minutes.

What is the great advantage of the original nail art done gel polish?

It's fast, it's brilliant and durability is about three weeks. This is the ideal method if you want to achieve the Halloween nail art original. Because this technique allows to mix textures and colors that can keep for long.


Of course, if you can not afford to go to a beauty salon but if we start varnish like having two left hands, he would have to find another solution. patterns can easily find and designs to stick on our nails. And during the month of October, there is plenty of Halloween patterns of choice.

If you want a quick and accurate result, then nail stickers are for you

The technique is so simple that even a child can do it. We must put a base coat, then stick the sticker chosen. Finally, your manicurist will be ready when you put the last layer which is the top coat. Easy, right?


You want to get noticed in the evening? Recently, we wrote a publication on the fluorescent UV makeup. Today you can find phosphorescent varnish nails. If you want to be original and always visibly, then this varnish is good for you. It is flashy during the day and glows under the effect of night black light. In short, you can be sure, there is no risk to miss you. This varnish is perfect for nail art original Halloween wearing the evening of October 31.


idea-motif-deco mummy


manicure Nails idea-pattern

Manicure Nails, blood-red





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