DIY decoration: 25 pretty ideas for Easter –

DIY decoration: 25 pretty ideas for Easter

view DIY chic deco spring

Spring knocks on the door. The nature wakes up and gets a new life. Easter is approaching, the children's eager to find all the hidden eggs. It is full of energy, ready to decorate our homes, inviting the bright colors of spring with us.

What is more beautiful! In today's article, we'll give you some ideas DIY decor : Pretty, practical and simple.

DIY decor with carrots for the outer door

DIY deco exterior door carrots

You can start by decorating your exterior door. We suggest you make yourself an Easter wreath with some tree branches. You can decorate it to your liking. Because this festival is associated with small Easter bunnies, why do not you hang carrots on the outside door? You just roll the crepe paper.

Create Easter pinatas

Easter pinatas original deco

To have fun with the kids, you can create all the Easter pinatas. You'll need a few balloons and paper mache. It is for you to decorate as desired (ohhappyday). Another original idea is to create a terrarium inside eggs.

Create a terrarium inside transparent eggs

terarrium diy easter eggs

To achieve this, you will need transparent plastic eggs, moss and small flowers. You can arrange them in a cardboard box. To give even more charm to your table, just put a vase with tree branches to the media. You can hang small decorated eggs, butterflies and flowers made of paper.

Put a vase with tree branches for your Easter decoration


If you do not have enough free time, you can simply fill a glass vase with small eggs of different colors. Then put your favorite flowers. Now we propose to look at our ideas and try to reproduce them for your DIY decoration for Easter.

Two eggs in a nest

zoom Two nest eggs

Two Easter eggs as decoration

Zoom two eggs decoration

A courone of Pâquesporte in blue

Zoom courone paque blue door

A fireplace and decorative eggs avevc

Zoom deco fireplace eggs DIY

A glass vase as a decoration Easter

glass vase view deco easter eggs small

Three balls fabrics like a spring decor

view three deco spring tissue balls
DIY carrots view
Simple deco easter rabbit eggs
garland paper eggs different colors
DIY deco balloons

two Easter baskets decoration

suspended easter deco

Easter decoration garden

Original black white decoration egg

Easter decoration DIY shabby chic

carotes fireplace decoration

deco soft white flowers

easter deco colors fpring

pastel colors decoration easter eggs

beautiful decoration hanging rabbits

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