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Old decorations Easter for a vintage touch

old butterfly flowers decorations

This year you are nostalgic mood and you want to install old decorations in your house ? It has 20 suggestions that you certainly remember the Easter holidays of yore. Take a type of flower opened as peony or rose, for example. Cut the stem and place the flower in a glass bowl or a glass filled with water cocktail. Insert some quail eggs in the flower and place it in the center of your table.

Old decorations for the Easter table today

old chocolate decorations apins

Treat your guests and remind them of the days of their childhood. Place a chocolate bunny on each plate and hang it for a greeting card.

Antique décor for the Easter table

old eggs rabbit decorations

You can download Internet and print patterns vintage for your Easter decoration.

Easter wreath decorated with blue and purple flowers

old hanging decorations crown

Head to the garden and find the necessary ingredients for making this beautiful crown. Glue large green leaves and blue and purple flowers on the plastic crown. Make sure you have covered the entire surface of the plastic circle.

At tea time

old tea cup decorations

vintage tea cups are perfect for small floral arrangements. You can place them on the work surface in your kitchen next to the dining table or in the bathroom.

Make a basket of chickens cardboard

hanging basket easter old decorations

Create your own Easter tree by hanging a basket of chickens cardboard to a branch. You can print made models downloaded from the internet.

Create a DIY greeting card for Easter

purple purple old decorations

For the production of an original greeting card and pretty you just need a bit of colored paper, glue and some pretty flowers.

Basket decorated with colorful butterflies

old Easter basket decoration

The glittering butterflies will bring a magical touch to your Easter basket. Just like some of the decorations already suggested, you can print butterfly patterns and glue them to the basket. For a stronger effect, cover them with glitter.

Decorate the boxes image taken from vintage postcards

nostalgic Easter decorations

Decorate the boxes of various materials that you can find in stores. Start by filling the interior of the boxes by colored paper. Then lay out the foam. Decorate them with images taken from vintage postcards. And be inspired by our series of photos, you'll see centerpieces wooden planter, a rustic look for a vintage touch to your table during the Easter holidays.

rustic floral decoration

Vintage floral decoration tray

floral decorations gardening wood

Vintage floral decoration basket

floral decoration pink daffodils

decorating Easter Bunny carrots

Easter bunny ceramic decoration

Easter decoration pastel colors

vintage rustic planter

plush rabbit deco vintage

center table Easter classic

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