Industrial design: a trend in the development house –

Industrial design: a trend in the development house

industrial loft exposed brick decoration

There is often the industrial design in lofts or other areas formerly used for industrial purposes. The industrial interior design is characterized by raw materials, unfinished look, with details specific to the industrial world.

How to design an authentic industrial design for the contemporary home with a small budget? This is precisely the purpose of this publication.

A typical industrial decoration

industrial design loft exposed brick walls

A crucial thing for industrial design: furniture and accessories should match the entire style of the habitat (walls, flooring, parts management, etc.). For a more modern industrial decor, opt for furniture and appliance steel or stainless steel. In the living rooms, you can add the tapestry to create a warm atmosphere.

The furniture and accessories should match the total look

industrial decorative home furnishings accessories

wooden beams in the ceilings and pillars (if you live in a loft) and inspire an unfinished look cool. Some details from a former industrial era will also contribute to the creation of an industrial atmosphere in your interior design.

wooden beams and steel pillars are typical for industrial design

Industrial floor decoration wood beams

But how will we do if we have a tight budget? Use all the elements that seem appropriate you home: arches and wooden or steel sinks for example ... As industrial design is minimalist in nature, you do not have to spend much for decoration. Recycling is an option that will save you money while you develop a design for your home.

original design loft

Industrial loft decor brick pillars

As industrial design is usually not very bright, you can add color by installing plants and flowers or vintage posters. As for the flooring, opt for wood or cork or stone for a more industrial feel.

Wood floor in an industrial loft Jane Kim Design

large lounge-design-furniture-industrial-leather

The industrial decor is not necessarily cold

industrial home decor wood fireplace

Industrial Design Furniture

piece industrial design vintage chairs

add color in your industrial style housing

apartment chic modern industrial design

Kitchen with stainless steel elements

stainless steel kitchen furniture industrial design

Industrial steel ceiling deco loft

contemporary apartment minimalist industrial design

Industrial decorating ideas bedroom accessories

Inside industrial deco apartment blocks

industrial loft minimalist decoration

steel object wood industrial design

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