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Decorative stones for an original and personalized

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of the decorative stones to decorate its interior or exterior house? What a good idea ! If you return from vacation or a walk in the forest or in the mountains you have, perhaps, already collected some interesting small pebbles and you want to keep as a souvenir.

Put them in an empty glass jar or in a basket is not a bad idea in itself. Fancy a more creative idea? And if you realize one of our 17 design suggestions with pebbles?

Decorative stones: 17 ideas for decorations and compositions

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Fall is a great time to stay home and spend time with crafts DIY. We have selected a variety of decorating ideas that you can, at ease, carry home with pebbles. Share beautiful moments with family during rainy days of autumn and personalize the decor of your home through our gallery of suggestions!

Decorative rollers placed in a wooden basket

basket wood shingle idea diy achieve project deco DIY

Stones, pebbles, rocks are very strong and, fortunately, small size making them ideal for realizing many creative projects. The place in a rustic wooden basket, stick them on a frame and decorate the wall with or create funny figures, as pictured below, depends on your needs and time available.

Pretty decorative flowers made with stones and materials recovery


Pebbles and rocks have obvious natural beauty. If, nevertheless, you want a more original setting, it is possible to color with appropriate paint for it. You can create all kinds of drawing or painting in various shades.

Beautiful composition with a log of wood and glass pebbles, Thor design and Jennifer Bueno

deco-original-rollers wood-diy

Look at these beautiful compositions made of small pebbles of various colors. You will probably be quite difficult to find such stones, but it is quite possible to color the ones you already have. For this project, you will also need wooden planks, preferably recycled.

Four trees of various colors, made of decorative pebbles and ideal for decorating the wall

Stone-deco-rollers decorative

Here's a simple enough idea to realize, with a large stone and a black felt. The drawing - you decide! Let your imagination and your talent. It is possible to place it in a basket, paste it on a frame or placing it in a glass bottle.

Idea very easy to achieve with felt: any design is possible!

deco-rollers decorative

Hippie at heart? Look at this idea mural with pebbles that recreate the shape of the famous symbol of peace:

shaped pebbles composition of the symbol of peace hippies wall hanging

art-rollers wall deco

Looking for a gift for Valentine's Day? Look what a good idea to achieve with small pebbles, pink and dark, black and / or gray:

Little pink heart surrounded by large black and gray pebble

art-rollers original

We all know, flowers, very pretty, but perishable! If you want your gift for Valentine's Day last long, it is also possible to provide the rollers that form a flower! Look :

wholesale flower pebbles rich shades

diy flower idea pebbles frame deco wall deco tinkering idea frame wall

Both Thor and Jennifer Bueno artists were inspired by the mountainous rocks to realize their project presented to Daily Art Muse. In reality, these rollers are made of glass. To learn more about this project, visit their website.

Decorative stones in nuances and varied and interesting patterns, Thor Design and Jennifer Bueno

pebble deco idea diy DIY wall decor home interior

For a minimalist and elegant decor, make this DIY project with a rustic wooden frame and small pebbles all colors and shapes:

Three small trees made with very small pebbles and tree branches

pebble deco idea shaft achieve project deco wall wood frame

Here's an idea how to make a flower with pebbles which can then stick on a frame, a wooden or even on a large stone, as the image below:

Flower gray rollers placed on a large stone

Deco idea pebbles frame decorate the wall original idea diy DIY decor

To achieve a mural with rollers, there must be adhesive to fix them. It is advisable to opt for a quality product because the pebbles and rocks are, usually, quite heavy.

Pretty flowers to decorate your walls: to fix on wooden planks

decorate interior pebble diy idea diy original decoration projects

If you fancy a setting for input, the centra of the dining table or in the living room, take a stone basket or timber and place inside the pebble shapes and colors. It is possible to draw and color them. Here's an idea how to do it:

simple idea to be achieved by those who love to draw!

pebbles decorate inside basket idea deco pebble designs idea diy DIY decor

Do you like cats ? Watch these two rollers transformed into cute little cats all:

Two rollers designed beautifully, showing two cats


Want to please your little darling? Even if you are not very good at DIY, the realization of this necklace with rollers is simpler than you think:

Collier to offer, to achieve with rollers: an original jewelry inspired by nature

gem diy rollers brico idea decorative interior wall

Your children want to participate in this creative process? Why not let them draw and decorate the rollers and, subsequently, help in the composition and in the overall design of the decor?

Great White roller with a colorful sun design

pebble designs idea decorate living space decorative pebble interior decoration idea

Look at these fine pebbles, painted blue, with nice and drawings constituting a good overall composition:

Decorative stones with beautiful designs in blue, source and idea: Lucky in Love

idea interior rollers original drawings decorating wall

Hopefully our gallery suggestions will help you in designing your interior and exterior, we wish you a very good visit on our site!

Ideas designs to achieve with paint and a black felt

painting drawing idea deco DIY pebbles decorate space idea

The rollers: a wonderful idea to make original decoration and DIY projects

decorate-interior-idea-rollers deco

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