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Deco Contemporary house 50 interesting ideas


Today, the contemporary movement relates undoubtedly to all aspects of our daily life - cars, fashion, technology, and the world of architecture and design.

Many of us use the contemporary and modern language to describe a breakdown of traditional norms and ways of thinking. In this article you will find lots of interesting ideas for contemporary home decor with among others the introduction of open space and minimalist design furniture.

Deco contemporary modern house

Deco modern house interior

The modern and post-modern design broke with traditional interiors with dark enclosed spaces and small windows. The contemporary home decor is therefore characterized by its vast and airy spaces. Choose an open plan and let natural light enter the interior through large windows, modern skylights and glass walls. As for the private spaces, opt for the translucent glass.

Idea contemporary living Deco

modern contemporary home decor

The colors of the decor are contemporary neutral color - like gray, brown, black and white - used for the floor, walls and textiles. These shades will accentuate metal details in your home and let you play with textures and varied patterns. But it's not because you are going to use neutral colors that your interior will become boring! Furniture design in bright colors, for example, are a very good way to create a truly original decoration.

contemporary interior decor idea

Deco contemporary house modern idea

Instead of booking using just natural materials for furniture, contemporary home has a wooden veranda outside, leather furniture in and use simple decorative elements. The contemporary era teaches us new ways to enjoy organic materials such as wood, stone, slate, teak, cotton, wool, turning them into an indispensable part of our decor.

Deco Modern open plan kitchen

Deco contemporary house open space

Furniture designers have started creating sofas, tables and other furniture that provide a lifestyle for a more relaxed approach. Heavy loaded and antique furniture ornaments are replaced by clean lines to create a sense of lightness and comfort. Furniture is now put up and often have a hanging design to create a soothing and modern atmosphere.

modern gray design fair

Deco elegant contemporary house

The modern era has given way to new materials, but also the interiors of minimalist and linear style. The floors are often "empty" wood, tile or stone and marble. Natural materials are a must in the contemporary lifestyle. The design floor mats are also a great way to create even more comfort and warmth especially in living rooms and dining rooms.

Deco opened on living room

Deco contemporary house living room kitchen

The contemporary interior is a fluid appearance which unites all the spaces in a harmonious whole. The open plan so is ideal if you want to create a modern and comfortable interior decor throughout your home. Do not forget the accessories that are essential for the interior design. Opt for lighting simple and elegant design and industrial design details, for example. Here are some interesting ideas in pictures:

sleek modern design furniture

Deco contemporary house living room

Contemporary house with wooden deck

Deco contemporary wooden terrace house

elegant interior decoration wood

deco design contemporary house

deco contemporary house bar

deco white contemporary living room

deco elegant contemporary cuisine

deco interior modern contemporary

deco interior modern design

Original interior deco idea

deco interior wooden terrace

deco bedroom contemporary house

Deco contemporary house idea

Deco open plan modern house

Deco contemporary house dining room

Deco contemporary house dining room design

Deco contemporary home white gray living room

Deco contemporary house living room dining

decoration modern wood kitchen

modern interior decoration idea

decoration small kitchen island wood

contemporary living room decoration wood beams

decoration design elegant lounge

living room decoration modern design

decoration modern contemporary living

modern living room decoration idea

deco dining room design

deco modern dining room

deco minimalist modern living room

deco lounge concrete ceiling

deco living room floor wood

deco room bed design

contemporary cuisine deco idea

modern deco interior idea

deco modern contemporary living room idea

deco living room design idea

deco lounge conteporaine miniamliste

deco modern lacquered kitchen

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