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Door Wall mail 35 inspiring ideas

Range mail timber door pocket empty mail between

In the digital era, it rarely receives the paper mail. And yet ... There are some of us who kept the romantic tradition of sending postcards and letters to friends and loved ones.

Finally, letters are still not receiving very romantic EDF, SNCF, etc. How to organize and store them in a practical and functional way? With a wall mounted letter ! The wall letters holder is ideal for storing his mail, but also to hang your keys or returning empty his pockets. There are many different models. You can manufacture a range-mail yourself or buy a wooden, plastic or cardboard. Since its principle is very simple, it is not at all difficult to make at home. We invite you to discover our door-mail gallery Wall design 35 inspiring ideas.

Wooden Wall-mail Wall mail wooden door entrance furnishings idea

How to decorate the small entrance? If you have a small entrance and not enough space to put a desk or small table, the letter carrier is ideal for you. Small and elegant it is, in addition, very convenient. Hang your keys on the way is effective not to ask then: "Where I dropped my keys?". Some models allow the storage of larger objects such as magazines, books, bags and others. The hangers often have space to store the mail.

Door-mail - wall or table - woodDIY wooden door mail original design idea

It is very easy to make a door-letters home. You need cardboard or wood. Here is a letter ranks actually very funny cardboard that children will certainly adore:

original wall mounted letter DIY cardboardoriginal cardboard courier door entrance furnishings idea diy

DIY Door-mail black wood
DIY wooden door wall design idea letter

Door-mail to hang or place Wall mail wooden door entrance furnishings idea

Wooden door with keys hanging-mail door courier mail idea ranks wood wall pocket

Wood Range-mail with keys hanging DIYmail door hangs key timber design development entry idea

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