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For Valentine’s Day made yourselves hearts Deco Felt

Felt hearts red deco

For Valentine's Day we ever thought about all the decor: we bought garlands, deco hearts of all design, elegant candles, flowers ... but there is something missing.

We have the impression that everyone has the same elements Deco marketed and it is either difficult or too expensive to have more original. Well, you still have time to get to it, the decor Valentine DIY. Do not be afraid, it is not difficult, you just take the first step. It is no great DIY, you will manage. Valentine is a story of the heart. You can, for example, make yourself small deco hearts to ask around. Your love will be even more convinced of your love. Indeed, there are different materials that can be used for - textiles, paper, cardboard, etc. We offer you a simple technique from felt.

A DIY decoration for Valentine's Day

Deco Felt hearts sewn

Just follow the steps indicated. First, arm yourself with scissors, boss of a heart-shaped and liquid glue. Cut out pieces of felt into thin strips, then enter them into the boss. Now dip the boss in the liquid glue and let it dry for several hours. At the end you can glue together the strips that do not fit well and brush the heart of all sides to remove the excess glue. There it's done. With such a simple technique you can make lots of deco hearts of all the colors. There are also other tricks to make decorative elements Valentine's Day, as shown Cherry on the cake. So now your turn!

Make hearts Deco Felt

Sant Valentin hearts Deco Felt colors
A boss heart-shaped, pieces of felt and glue

deco hearts felt gluedLet dry and you're done! Sant Valentin hearts Deco Felt
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