Scandinavian design: 40 rooms with Scandinavian design –

Scandinavian design: 40 rooms with Scandinavian design

Scandinavian design sofa modern living room carpet floor

We never tire of Scandinavian design and functional and comfortable Swedish houses. We know that you share with us the taste of Scandinavian design and this is why today we will focus on the most spectacular piece in a Swedish or Danish house - the living room Scandinavian design.

We made a selection of 49 photos of beautiful Deco salons that will inspire all who need ideas for original decor revamp their interior.

Scandinavian Design - Living room decor with an interesting round table Scandinavian design sofa cushions design gray carpet

There is everything - the rooms bright, modern colors, the simple but intentional deco and nordic design furniture. The rooms are all very impressive! Comfortable sofas to look like his friends, reading areas, traditional fireplaces, pendant lamps, colorful cushions, guitars and pianos - this is only part of what you'll find on our beautiful pictures!

Successful Scandinavian design decor in her living room - our tips not to miss

Scandinavian design and decoration living room-style-Nordic-white sofa

We know: Scandinavian design lounge impresses with its simplicity and its natural and relaxing atmosphere. Dominated by light, neutral colors, it is cozy even during the cooler months of the year. But how do we, exactly, for the successful creation of a Nordic atmosphere in his living room? We share with you tips for interior Scandinavian design living room worthy of the name.

Scandinavian design is characterized by a specific color pallet

Scandinavian design hall-of-stay-style-Nordic-white-and-black

Scandinavian design is characterized by a range of specific colors. In general, this palette embraces neutral tones, that is to say, white, black and gray. In the Scandinavian living room, designers favor the use of shades of these colors and more specifically, their lighter shades.

Stylish interior and modern Scandinavian styleScandinavian modern living room design

Using light colors is key in the interiors of Nordic style. They are present in every authentically Scandinavian home. Pro Design explain the importance of these shades: they contribute to the lighting of the interior space even in the absence of sufficient light outside the house. An essential detail, especially during the long nights in Northern Europe!

Nordic design based on the use of natural materials

Scandinavian design Nordic-modern lounge

Another key feature of the Scandinavian interiors: they are inevitably decorated with natural materials. Among them, the wood takes a leading role. It is found on the floors, and sometimes on the walls. It appears traditionally on one or two pieces of furniture Scandinavian living room.

Small space modern Scandinavian design

Scandinavian design sofa cushions design floor mats

The abundance of wood in parts of Scandinavia is just one of the reasons for the omnipresence of wood in Nordic homes. The coatings and Nordic-inspired furniture is made primarily of wood because the inhabitants of these regions are very attached to the respect for nature and ecology. Their way to protect the planet? It is to make natural and recyclable furniture.

Scandinavian design light wood furnishings

Scandinavian design living-stay-furniture-wood-pink sofa

Known for clever storage solutions they bring to our homes, the Scandinavian furniture have simple shapes. In addition to contributing to their elegance, these forms facilitate the transport of pieces of furniture. And this is another way for Nordic furniture manufacturers to demonstrate their green spirit. By facilitating the transport of their products, they reduce the CO2 emissions in the air.

The decor Nordic style is inspired by nature and plants

deco design Scandinavian-Nordic-living-dining-room

If this natural atmosphere were not enough, the Nordic decoration also another way to show the importance of nature to the Scandinavian peoples. Potted plants, flowers and even compositions with fruit and vegetables, this is a series of natural elements found in each visit in a Nordic design space.

Lighting plays a central role in Nordic style lounges

Modern Scandinavian design sofa cushions gray

Finally, do not forget the essential role of interior lighting. We mentioned earlier: the Scandinavian nights require ingenious solutions that enhance the brightness of the room. The paint is thus seen combined with various lights, scattered all over the Nordic Lounge. Candles and lanterns further contribute to the deco space, as also are the fireplaces and wood stoves.

trend of Scandinavian design inside - our selection of pictures

Deco stay clear colors

living room with a brick wallScandinavian design living room modern decor

Scandinavian Style Room Makeover

Scandinavian living deco design

Lounge with interesting round window

Scandinavian design living room decor round-windows

Idea of ​​Scandinavian modern decor salonScandinavian design living original decor

Simple Deco furniture with wooden furniture Scandinavian design lounge mere decoration

Decoration bright living room Scandinavian decor living room furniture

Living room with a dark wall decor modern Scandinavian interior design

Scandinavian living room with large sofa Original stay Scandinavian decoration

black and white living room decor sacandinave original decoration design

Lounge with traditional fireplace sacndinave decoration design fireplace

bright color salon Deco living room decoration modern design

Decorating Scandinavian modern design salon Scandinavian-style living room decoration

Scandinavian living room with reading corner Scandinavian deco lounge reading corner

Living room with large leather sofa and piano Deco living room sofa leather

Small lounge with red leather sofa leather sofa red deco salon

Living room with large sofa and colorful cushions original lamp deco salon

Scandinavian living room decor bricks

Deco style living sacndinave

Scandinavian living white deco design

Scandinavian living room decor wood design

Deco Scandinavian living room idea

idea deco-Scandinavian

living room-design-Scandinavian-staircase

lounge modern-design-Scandinavian

living-floor-wood decor

lounge-style Scandinavian-modern

Stay Deco-Scandinavian-modern

stay-Scandinavian-chirp-painted deco

stay-Scandinavian red carpet

deco interior Scandinavian design

Scandinavian furniture deco living room

modern Scandinavian interior design

Nordic design deco lounge

Nordic design living room fireplace

Scandinavian kitchen living room

Nordic design living room

deco living room Scandinavian style

Scandinavian brick wall living room

Scandinavian living deco PURIFIED

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