contemporary living room decoration: decoration trends in 2016 –

contemporary living room decoration: decoration trends in 2016

decoration contemporary living coleurs trend2015 is not over yet but it is already time to start looking for trends in contemporary living room decoration for 2016. Yes, of course we at Designmag, have already made our little research on this subject.

Today we would like to share with you what we found because it's really interesting. Colors and different prints, ecological materials and metallic finishes - these are the most important accents of the contemporary living room decoration in 2016.

contemporary living room decoration in blue shades

Electric blue contemporary living room decoration

The first advice we can give you, if you want to revamp your living room for the next year is to fill it with gilded accessories. Yes, it seems that 2016 will be the year of opulence regarding interior decoration and gold is internationally synonymous with luxury and wealth. And, next year gold will be present in almost all the rooms giving them a more glamorous look. If using gold accessories is something new for you, start with a few small details, such as a vase on the coffee table, an elegant chandelier or just a table of recent gilded to create a luxurious atmosphere.

ultra modern living room with bright red sofa

contemporary living room decoration red sofa

Patterns and prints are something very fickle when it comes to decor trends. Each year these are new designs that are fashionable and others are starting to look very outdated. In 2016 it is the floral patterns that will be the focus of spotlights and you can fill your entire living room with different floral designs without any fear. The ways to incorporate floral patterns in the interior decoration are really multiple starting with wallpaper and decorative pillows.

Deco salon trend for 2016

contemporary living room decoration details gold

2016 also offers us the opportunity to give a new and dramatic look at the show. How? Especially through the colors! The bright colors and rich will reappear in the busiest part of the interior and the effect of this resurgence is simply breathtaking. The dark gray, purple, red and even black are perfect colors for the decoration of contemporary living in 2016 in combination with ultra modern furniture and original design.

Dramatic Deco furniture in black

decoration dark gray contemporary living room

As you already know, the rose quartz and blue are the colors of serenity 2016 and decoration of the living room will not escape - it will be filled with blue and pink shades. This may be very small details or wall paintings and furniture, but the blue and pink are mandatory for modern living in 2016. Combine different shades of these colors to create beautiful contrasts and make the decor of your living room more feminine and attractive.

Modern Deco living room with fireplace

contemporary living room decoration idea

Finally textures! The luxurious furniture parts and accessories very pleasant to the touch will be the details that you need to pay close attention in 2016. The rugs, cushions and blankets fur, velvet and satin will create a new style in the living room . It will give it a look together more elegant and warm. Invest in detailing combine modern materials and different textures to create a contemporary design fair. The cowhide rugs, fur coating and velvet sofa are the perfect combination in 2016.

Modern interesting design Salon

decoration modern contemporary living

Ultra modern design furniture

ultra modern contemporary living room decoration

interesting and modern design furniture

deco elegant modern living room

Deco idea of ​​parlor

deco small modern living

design contemporary design blue room

Serenity blue decoration contemporary living

contemporary living room decoration gray sofa

contemporary living room decoration design elegant

yellow contemporary living room decoration

decoration elegant contemporary lounge

orange gray contemporary living room decoration

contemporary living room decoration original idea

contemporary floral decoration living room

black contemporary living room decoration

original contemporary living room decoration

Green contemporary living room decoration

mint green contemporary living room decoration

contemprain yellow brown living room decoration

green room decoration idea

deco elegant living room

modern deco living room

deco living room floral motifs

deco blue contemporary living room

deco modern contemporary living

Deco contemporary living trend

deco modern living trend

deco lounge eclectic style

ultra modern deco living room

deco lounge floral idea

White golden living room decor

chic deco living room

room deco interesting stay

deco interesting modern living room

living room design trend

white modern living room

modern blue living room

Modern living room idea

brown carpet design living room

living room decoration pink green design

blue living room modern design

living room modern trendy design

idee decoration contemporary lounge interior fittings decoration contemporary lounge furniture design idea color decoration contemporary living room painting idea decoration design furniture contemporary living room accessories

contemporary living room decoration velvet sofa

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