industrial style living room: furniture and decorating ideas –

industrial style living room: furniture and decorating ideas

industrial fair deco purple sofa foot concrete floor lamp

Fancy a industrial style living room ? What furniture to choose and how to successfully decorating an interior designed in this design style? Discover the answers shown a gallery of 25 interiors of modern living.

industrial style living room decorated with cushions and floor mats

industrial style living room ottoman idea mat dining table lamp

The industrial style has become a favorite for many people for many reasons, but especially for its Recycling side. Combining the new with the old, gives a second life to materials and antique furniture. These volumes are great, the architecture is open, structured and functional. These are just some of the key elements that describe it.

decorated in industrial style living room with floor mats in blue

industrial fair idea deco style open living room concrete wall

The industrial style is not only reserved for lofts and large apartments. It also adapts well to small spaces. The collection that we will present in the following lines consists primarily designed interiors in large living spaces. However, it is possible to recreate one of those examples in a smaller apartment and incorporate some of the elements present here in your own living space.

salon interior industrial style designed in white and with reading corner

Industrial Deco lounge reading corner fireplace idea arrange Installation

All interiors presented here are ultra-modern, chic and bohemian. The decor is thoughtful and personalized. Often it consists of only very few elements: rugs, table and vases. Finally, modern interior is functional see which explains the absence of too much furniture and decorative items in the design of contemporary living spaces.

Large interior open industrial style with polished concrete flooring

polished concrete floor coating floor mats idea of ​​couch'angle gris luminaires suspension

It is not surprising that gray is often the dominant color throughout interior designed in industrial style since the concrete is still present in the form of flooring, walls and even furniture. The coating is in fact the first element to consider when designing your living room.

A composition of original frames decorates the wall Distressed brickliving room sofa industrial style low wooden table wooden desk chair shelves

Did you know that thanks to this style of design that the role of the concrete base reserved for the exterior construction, has been redesigned and it was finally introduced in interior design? It makes any more mineral atmosphere and it is easy to pair with a wide variety of materials and colors. Matched with wood, the gray color of the concrete is revealed beautifully elegant.

Decorate the room with a designer floor mats and colorful ottomans

floor mats interior decor idea bass wood gray beanbag sofa table

The choice of furniture is the second element to be taken into account when planning your trade fair. Usually this style of design favors materials such as brick, rustic wood, aged metal, rusty appearance iron and others. Below, we see a wall of gray brick, matching a false ceiling and light wood floors and vintage furnishings, apart from the charcoal gray sofa and ottoman:

Lounge designed in shades of gray with brick wall

industrial style living room decoration idea gray ottoman mat sofa cushion angle

What sofa for a trade fair? It all depends on your desires and your budget. Preferably, choose a comfortable sofa made of natural material, cotton, for example. The leather sofa is also a common choice for the design of an industrial-style lounge. To remain environmentally friendly, our advice is to choose a faux-leather.

living room wall decorated with large abstract art painting with assorted colors present

industrial exhibition style idea brick wall deco table lamp brown mat

Nothing is easier than to decorate the sofa or armchair with cushions and add accents. It is possible to attach them to other decorative elements already present in the room. This is the case of the yellow cushions married with floral decoration mounted on the TV stand:

Decoration with yellow cushions and carpets graphic pattern

lounge brick wall design idea industrial style sofa gray sofa cushions fixture

Wood warms the concrete, while the floor mats - the whole room! Here is a decorating idea for your practice room, aesthetic and simple: the floor mat! Existing in a variety of materials and patterns, it is the perfect decoration not only for the living but for the dining room, the bedroom and even the bathroom.

Table, floor mats and flowers to decorate the Industry Exhibition

Contemporary interior design idea brown sofa beige carpet floor candlestick idea gray chair

Deco idea industrial style living room with plants and objects tend

industrial style interior floor mats low wooden table gray sofa

Decorating with plants is the best way to bring a touch of nature in an industrial interior. Pots, installed on the coffee table, on the floor or on the shelves of a library, the plants remain a must decoration for any living space that wants vital.

living room decorated with carpets, cushions and plants

deco salon style idea industrial floor cushions sofa ottoman carpets

To customize the decor of your living room, install replicas of your favorite artists, movie posters or create a beautiful composition of photos frames of your family and friends.

wood cabinet and vintage style metal decorated with plants and table

Deco room Interior idea convenient modern interior decor plant

Choose a fixture on foot or suspended, design and accentuate it. We love the projection type lamp with rusted effect on the image below:

Carpet blue and brown, oily plant and industrial lighting style

interior modern living room sofa cushions fixture ground coffee table mat

For more privacy and to decorate, install curtains or veils, preferably matching the color of the sofa, carpet and / or cushions.

decorating ideas for living room designed in black and white

living room decoration idea interior floor mats black design coffee table chair fixture

interesting wall decor and cushions for the sofa

industrial indoor lounge deco wall beige sofa cushions rustic wood coffee table

Two carpets match the sofa and cushions

industrial style living room decorating idea interior carpet of brown soil suspension luminaire

Leather armchair vintage and modern posters posed by land

deco vintage leather armchair luminaire wall art plant

Check out the rest of our furniture and decorating suggestions for a modern industrial style furniture and get inspired to design your own:

open industrial-style interior decorated with abstract painting and cushions

living room design idea industrial style of sofa'angle coussins table basse

wall decor idea with posters, floor mats and two blue chairs

Wall Deco sofa leather armchair blue salon idea suspension luminaire ground beige carpet

Greenery: a natural touch must for any modern interior

industrial plant interior design idea convenient timber shelves

light industrial-style lounge with wooden false ceiling and decorative objects design

living room interior design sofa cushions idea gray mat blue armchair coffee table

Sol coated polished concrete and decorated in orange and white

deco salon table wall idea waxed concrete floor coating white chair mats

Decorate your sofa industrial area with original patterned pillows and blankets

Deco leather sofa cushions floor mat industrial fair idea

Pouf leather black striped carpet and white and Design floor lamp by Delightful

leather armchair interior design lamp living room walk

For more ideas of lighting and marketable solutions for industrial style delighful

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