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55 ideas for an authentic Scandinavian deco salon discover

Scandinavian living room decorations

The Scandinavian decor living room has a unique atmosphere, achieved through a combination of some specific principles. It is these aspects that make the charm of this style. Scandinavian design is often described as minimalist and functional.

These are two characteristics that are unique in style from the Northern European countries: Denmark, Sweden and Norway. In the early 20th century, the style from these countries was regarded as "democratic" and "revolutionary."

interior and living Scandinavian decor

Nordic decor living room interior design

At a time when the accessories that can simplify the daily life of the population were not easy to buy into all the world, the Scandinavian style is precisely directed to the middle class. It aimed to offer furniture and objects that were both accessible and useful.

Lounge with Nordic decor and color palette idea

Nordic Lounge Deco interiors

However, since its origins, this functional and inexpensive style, was not deprived of aesthetics. This set of features and principles which included the functionality, accessibility and beauty, has been central to the definition of Scandinavian design.

Scandinavian Deco Lounge: Color importance

Scandinavian bright decoration showroom

From its origins in the early 20th century Scandinavian design developed some characteristic elements. The first among these is the use of bright and soft colors like white, gray and beige, supplemented and enhanced by pastel shades. These colors are based on the Scandinavian design that can be synchronized later some furniture or accessories in more daring shades.

Example room light and bright Scandinavian decor

Scandinavian interior design house

These bright colors are not just an aesthetic choice, they are also a practical solution. Because, remember, Scandinavian design is intended functional first.

Nordic design furniture for living Scandinavian decor

Scandinavian furniture deco lounge

But Scandinavia is a region where natural light was and still remains a popular item. This is what inspired the designers to create luminous and welcoming interiors. The Nordic style and manages to invite comfort in the house by any means possible.

Scandinavian furniture - comfort and style with furniture developed by top designers

living room furniture Deco-Scandinavian-wood console table-foot-metal-idee

Originally, the Scandinavian style was associated mainly with furniture and design objects. Renowned designers such as Arne Jacobsen for example, have greatly contributed to that reputation. Arne Jacobsen is the creator of the famous collection of chairs "7 Series", we always find in the Nordic houses nowadays.

Scandinavian deco salon Photo white

Scandinavian living room decoration

During the second half of the 20th century, the style evolved towards the formulation of a number of principles and rules. They can be applied to decorate the whole house and not just furniture design.

The Scandinavian design is largely inspired by nature

Scandinavian decorations deco lounge house

One of these principles continually used in Scandinavian design is that of an existence of man in harmony with nature. Nature is not only respected, it is omnipresent in the Nordic interiors.

Landscaping salon Scandinavian decor small space

lounge Nordic design

Even if they were attracted by the inventions and the use of new materials in their creations, the designers of northern Europe have never ceased to use authentic resources such as wood and natural fabrics.

The decor Scandinavian living room - friendly and sustainable planet

Scandinavian style deco interior
The Scandinavians have long understood that the daily human activities must be done in respect of the environment and sustainable development. In recent years, this principle is present in the interior design by introducing recycling technologies and energy saving.

Deco nature and Nordic atmosphere for modern living room

Nordic design living room decorations

For Nordic homeowners, there are many other simple ways to stay in touch with nature and think about it every day: the large windows, decorative elements made of wood and glass, innovative fireplaces, floral arrangements , paintings and other decorations representing plants, fruits and animals.

Scandinavian Deco Lounge - what are the latest trends?

Scandinavian breakfast deco salon space-storage-wall-shelf

But the enormous popularity of Scandinavian decor does not mean that this style has grown steadily and remains frozen at the time of his birth. Quite the contrary! The Nordic design is still evolving and that is precisely what we will see by reviewing some of the latest trends in this style.

Scandinavian decor trends - metal keys

Scandinavian design lounge deco house

Speaking of decor trends, it is not surprising to see that the Nordic design borrows trendy ideas seen everywhere lately. Metallic accents (gold, copper, silver) are one that seems to have taken over the world of interior decoration.

Interior Scandinavian furniture Layouts

Dare to use metal decorations in your stay. Fill them with small decorative items, lighting or furniture items (feet chairs, coffee tables ...). Up to you !

Trendy colors and harmony of Scandinavian-inspired shades

pictures lounges Scandinavian design

While the Nordic deco salon owes its physiognomy to the palette of shades typical of Scandinavian design. But there are also hints of colors trend of the moment. The taupe, blue duck, pastel colors ... Here are some examples of modern shades lately that have found their place in the interiors of Nordic design.

Lounge with Scandinavian decor in black and white and cactus plant

color living Scandinavian decor

Let's face it: we love indoor plants but does not always have the time to care. And that is why we welcomed this trend decor that invites our houses for cactuses, succulents and cacti.

Scandinavian-style living room imageScandinavian design showroom

Extremely easy to grow and maintain, they adorn our Scandinavian lounges without requiring great effort. And in addition, we benefit from their beautiful colors throughout the year!

original wall decoration in black and white

Scandinavian decor living room wall shelf furniture-flowers-ideas

If an interior space that fits easily in the decoration in black and white, it is the Scandinavian living room. And this is great, because the posters and monochrome paintings are another example of deco trend of the moment.

decorative wall paintings in black and white with pictures and posters

Nordic Deco lounge furniture Scandinavian pallet de color

In version photo or original entry, or even a photo canvas option, black and white mural decorations blend perfectly with the cozy Nordic style.

Nordic trendy decoration for room with open kitchen and wood stove

Scandinavian design home decor

All these interior design examples for Nordic living inspire you to makeover your living space? In this case, you can continue this tour of interesting examples rooms with Scandinavian design here:

Scandinavian Deco Lounge - pictures inspiration

Scandinavian-deco lounge leather sofa-table-low round

Scandinavian design furniture gray

gray interior Scandinavian design lounge

Photo salon with Scandinavian decor and country style

deco lounges Scandinavian country style

fair idea with Scandinavian decor and black sofa

Scandinavian living room couch deco design

Lounge with Scandinavian decor in white

White lounge Scandinavian decor painting

Living and Scandinavian carpet

Scandinavian living room floor mats

Nordic Deco Photos and Scandinavian-style living room

Scandinavian style house

Nordic-style living room

Post your ad house Nordic style

living room picture and lounge with Scandinavian decor

Scandinavian living room deco lounges

Dining room and living room with Scandinavian decor

Scandinavian deco living room living room

Scandinavian design furniture and living room decor

Deco lounges Scandinavian furniture design

Scandinavian home decoration living room

Scandinavian living room interior decoration

Scandinavian design interior living room

Scandinavian Nordic atmosphere inside

Scandinavian deco lounge Layouts

Interior living Scandinavian decor Layouts

Photos lounges Scandinavian Wall

deco living room Scandinavian design armchair

Scandinavian design style pampering salons

deco living room Scandinavian style idea

Scandinavian design living room furniture

Layouts Scandinavian lounges

living room decoration idea Nordic style

Scandinavian design showroom

Layouts small Scandinavian style space

Nordic Scandinavian interior decoration

Scandinavian idea deco houses

colors deco lounge Nordic style

Scandinavian interior decoration living room

Scandinavian interior design showroom

Nordic ideas deco lounge

Nordic Lounge Scandinavian furniture

interior decoration Nordic salons

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